Hungry Shark World Dark Magic - English -

Hungry Shark World Dark Magic – English

Hungry Shark
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First it was frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads… now an ancient curse has left a shark with radioactive vision!
– NEW SHARK: Shoot for the stars and start zapping prey with DARK MAGIC SHARK’s powerful laser beam.
– WIN DAILY PRIZES: Play every day to claim epic rewards including sharks and more!

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  1. Can you say fricken but replace the ri into u without e

  2. That thing must’ve escaped from Area 51 during the raid

  3. Futuregamesodlodon,

    Recently, the update didn’t come, I still am in the old version
    And I did not get the update yet, so is the update still not finished or is
    It going to take a long time?

    I’m just asking.

  4. When Hungry Shark Heroes are come?

  5. Es en serio acabo de desinstalar el juego hace un mes :c pero prometo instalarlo denuevo si aparece el sharktopus ….Like si quieren que este el sharktopus

  6. Bring a new shark in hungry shark evolution please

  7. Please reboot the Grabatron series

    It’s one of the greatest games ever be ever played and is one of the pinnacles of my childhood. The graphics were clean and crisp, and the AI was great. It made me feel powerful and was one of the most satisfying games I’ve played.

    Grabatron Fan!

  8. Why have the updates slowed down so much for Hungry Shark: World? We used to get new content every other month, now it's like twice a year!

  9. Excuse me, is Hungry Shark Heroes going to released to the world soon ?

  10. Tubarão magia negra maravilhoso adorei

  11. Developers I want a godzilla shark (kaiju shark) in this version !!! IN (HANGRI Shark
    Разработчики Я хочу акулу годзиллу (акула кайдзю) в эту версию!!!

  12. Can you please make the dark magic shark on sale pls reply to this message plsss

  13. Do you guys do updates for the console versions too?

  14. Are you ever going to update the Xbox version? I mean I paid £4 for that when the free one gets updates, has like double the sharks and has no stupid fossil system. I just think it’s kinda unfair that I paid for a game that is free which isn’t updated at all, I have completed it so now there is no incentive to continue playing as I know that no more sharks will be added.

  15. How come I can’t unlock the dark magic shark? My sharks end at the megaladon

  16. "3:23"
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  17. The dark magic shark is actually based on the leopard shark

  18. SHARK IS OP!! I got 300,000,000 as a high score

  19. why does it keeps saying there was a problem parsing the package

  20. now i think i cant download hungry shark ten

  21. I installed all you'r Ubisoft Entertainment game i love em all

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