Hungry Shark World | Gaia has risen! -

Hungry Shark World | Gaia has risen!

Hungry Shark
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It’s time to save the baby sharks with the powers of Gaia! 🍃🦈

Download the latest #HungrySharkWorld update to experience the new event and shark. –

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  1. Dear players, we are aware that some of you may be experiencing issues with the new cloud save functionality. rest assured that we're looking into and please reach out to our customer support team for further assistance –

  2. I like the new improvement of graphics

  3. New maps new shark mutants and new sharks exclusive do splash pass como shark legendary and shark veteran

  4. Gaia name is same to Baki anime fighter Gaia

  5. Happy that game still receives updates

  6. Wow Gaia is so really cute and more wonderful in her design!!
    And I want Gaia to have coins for the purchase and only 1,500 gems? But I only have 446 gems and it's kinda easy to get 70+ Gems for me in Pacific Island and the Sharks are rescued for Baby Sharks that can earn 2 gems!!

  7. Tree shark… hmmm seems like there are aliens and mythical beings in this game, i wonder if glutwell will steal the cells of calan and gaia to creat a perfect life form, just a dumb theory

  8. That Gaia is probably the 2nd Strongest !! Shark of all Hungry Shark World and Dark Magic Shark is the 1st Strongest !! Shark of all Hungry Shark World because Dark Magic Shark gives more points and coins.

  9. That Abyssal Shark is Springtrap's Great-grandfather and Cosmic Alan is Nightmare Fredbear's Great-grandfather.

  10. Grrrr, Glutwell will pay for kidnapping poor babies!! The good thing Gaia joined us to help. She is pretty, not the Apex but Legendary. 🌸🌱

  11. Here are my top #10 Strongest Sharks (opinion).

    1. Behemoth
    2. Abyssal Shark
    3. Shin Sharkjira
    4. Magmajira
    5. Mecha Sharkjira
    6. Luminite
    7. Sharknarok
    8. Cosmic Alan
    9. Sharkjira
    10. Dark Magic Shark

  12. I have question if you save baby shark pets do you get them as a reward?

  13. Saving the baby shark is very hard I have to save 100

  14. Hi Ubisoft, im curious if we could get more shark species that arent ?!

  15. When will you add these sharks to the nintendo switch version?

  16. Hungry shark world love Gaia shark 😍🤩🥰🦈🦈🦈❤

  17. Are you meant to be able to buy the snark with gold if all other sharks are maxed

  18. If you want me to do event just freaking let me play bruh I can't even play

  19. Prof, please why can't i login to facebook i want to play with my account i used to have top up on that account please fix my age is over 16

  20. Bruh it forces you to buy it with 1500 gems , u can't buy it with coins once u have done the mission. And with the time it will take for me to get this shark I can get shin-sharkijira, cosmic Alan and even abysal shark so it's not worth buying this shark

  21. Most random shark ever but it's alright! Totally just needed at least 1 teaser to make it more hyped.

  22. Is there a way to unlock Gaia for coins or you only get her for gems?

  23. Not only I like this update of a new shark with graphics and animations that stand out from the rest,I noticed the return of the original hungry shark world baby pet sharks like Felix the baby mako and Dave the baby porbeagle

  24. When I quit a game it doesnt save my progress so I have to keep starting over and it doesnt count towards it so I have to save 100 baby sharks in one game

  25. One more thing is gaia going to be like the nurse shark,the legendary Great white and veteran Great white shark,being a shark you can have a temporary time to unlock before its gone or is she in the shark shop permanently

  26. New update crash every time stuck on loading screen how to fix

  27. When i watch free reward ads it always says no advert available but it played the ad but i got no reward pls fix it

  28. I can't log in it is connected to my facebook account i can only log in on google but on my real account I have somany sharks pls fix this ubisoft

  29. Now we just need kratos and Zeus shark so it would be a free for all between these 3

  30. Pretty cool I unlock 11 Of babys

  31. I almost lose progress bc my mom deleted it so I try to downloaded it gain but I didn’t lose my progress

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