Hungry Shark World - Galleon Of The Dead New Pirate Map!!! -

Hungry Shark World – Galleon Of The Dead New Pirate Map!!!

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  1. first, oh my god, it been a while since I was first

  2. what happen to this channel……..i used to watch this channel because of the tips,tricks and commentary……….but now all i see is just a 10 min(revenue boost) lazy video of you playing the game but with the update poster on the thumbnail :'-(

  3. hey, i found a hidden area at the left bottom corner on galleon map

  4. Does anyone know how to unlock the secret map

  5. For those who dont know how to get the map make sure you update the game in your play store and purchase the pirate hat.

  6. Is this map permanent or is it going to be gone in a few days?

  7. Is there a secret your willing to tell to level up sharks to MAX faster?

  8. Is there a growth set which needs no gems to complete?

  9. U need the Prerpiller I think I saw it on the Map I only have the Basking shark like thats a XXL Shark!

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