Hungry Shark World - Great White Final Shark Quest (#20) -

Hungry Shark World – Great White Final Shark Quest (#20)

Salmon on a Stick
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Final mission for the Great White Shark in Hungry Shark World. If this video helped you out, leave a like!


  1. You didn't even get the daily chest rewards 💀💀

  2. First one is near the sunken ship. Second one is in lava area. Third is in that secret grave (I don't know what to call it). Fourth is right next to the sunken ship and there are metal doors.

  3. I have to do 90 quests, why do you need to do 128

  4. Let me ask are you using cheat so you can get jetpack and eye laser?

  5. Whoah how can you get all those weapon? I always wanted to buy then but too expensive

  6. First get 25,000,0 points and 2 destoy 100 boat 3 eat 263 jelly fish

  7. No shin shark jira is the final one and he never do meltdown shark final quest is destoy the nemesis in par if it waste land as the time bar

  8. Hey when I put the explosive there it never ever breaks the wood

  9. What are the first , second, and third quest of great white shark?

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