Hungry Shark World - Heidi Final Shark Quest (#9) -

Hungry Shark World – Heidi Final Shark Quest (#9)

Salmon on a Stick
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Final mission for Heidi in Hungry Shark World. If this video helped you out, leave a like!


  1. Thanks but there’s one problem my game is glitched and it won’t let me get the second food

  2. Thank you I had no idea whatsoever of how to do this

  3. Thank you very much i have been looking for that hideout forever

  4. Terima kasih bang aku jadi tau nyelsain questnya

  5. Anyone notice how much gems and coins he has?? I'm jealous.

  6. Are not gonna talk about the infinite money and gems

  7. Hello why i dont have the 2nd foof in my game is normal ?

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