Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5 -

Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5

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Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5


  1. Why did you use a whale for a whale shark? There not the same thing 😂

  2. 70⁰0000000000000000⁰0000000000000000000000000

  3. Wrong whale shark there real whale shark they not eat people that's the biggest shark thats so wrong vid

  4. why blacktop reef is whitetip reed?!

  5. How can one mess up so many times in one video.

  6. It doesn't matter if they use a real whale

  7. the real life sand tiger shark looked like dancing XD

  8. Thats not a whale shark its a humpback whale

  9. The whale shark is not like that in real life that is a blue whale that is not whale shark

  10. Hepsi çok komikti gülmekten altima sıççam 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Im like shark you buy im no coins you is money buy is amazing shark you is no look wow😮😮

  12. Why is there a child next to a bull shark in the water? There are so many incidents where people, especially children have been attacked by bull sharks. They are very dangerous are you sure you got the right footage

  13. Fun fact: because of their size and jaw, basking sharks often get mistaken for great white sharks or even the extinct megalodon.

  14. the whale shark does exist and what is shown is a humpback whale, wtf

  15. There is a prophet Muhammad fish

  16. Megalodon:is there me in there oh nothing

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