Hungry Shark World - Megalodon vs Killer Whale vs Big Momma vs Atomic Shark -

Hungry Shark World – Megalodon vs Killer Whale vs Big Momma vs Atomic Shark

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  1. Dude your wasting too much gems for little money and points

  2. Atomic Shark: 45%
    Big Momma: 13%
    Megalodon: 30%
    Orca: 9%

  3. On va voir qui est le champion de hungry shark world le mégalodon ou big momma ou atomic shark ou killer whale

  4. I have both killer whale and megalodon and they are both mostly the same but I will go for megalodon just because he was the king 2.4 million years ago

  5. i got enough money to buy the killer whale and big momma both. but i have no idea who to buy! big momma has high durability, killer whale's boost is really long, i dont know who is better!

  6. Qui sera le plus fort dans hungry shark world megalodon ou the killer whale ou big momma ou atomic shark

  7. Qui sera le gagnant de hungry shark World megalodon ou Big Mamma ou atomic shark ou kill whale

  8. Atomic shark can eat all jelly fish (beside the big ones in south china sea),can walk on land,revives health when going in nuclear waste.

  9. I think it goes: atomic shark, big mama, killer whale, and then the meg

  10. My favourite is the killer whale he’s just so fun to play with but in this competition Atomic shark wins

  11. My highest score was 51 million with 70 minutes lived on the megalodon (0 buy backs)

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