HUNGRY SHARK WORLD! MegaMouth Sharks' Eat Everything, Even BOMBS! FGTEEV Attack At Sea! HEHE -

HUNGRY SHARK WORLD! MegaMouth Sharks’ Eat Everything, Even BOMBS! FGTEEV Attack At Sea! HEHE

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DUDDY and CHASE are playing a game a lot of you requested…. HUNGRY SHARK WORLD! We get the MEGA MOUTH SHARK and we eat Splatoon Squid, Chase after Dory and Nemo and even eat some BOMBS after using the Map to spell HUNGRY! This shark is so awesome, it doesn’t quite eat everything, there were just a few things we couldn’t eat without a larger shark but almost everything was devourable! 😉 Thumbs up for awesome SHARKS and Finding Dory and Nemo in the game! 😉

Duddy & Chase also get an in-app purchase for the Megamouth Shark… we could have chose the Whale Shark, Great White Shark, Great Hamerhead, Basking Shark, Tiger Shark & a couple others but we thought the Mega Mouth Sharks are awesome! 🙂

Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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  1. It's like a better version of Hungry Shark Evolution

  2. me be getting 170 gems f2p a day be like

  3. Google set it that actually dolphin images very big ones basically a half black half wale half dolphin you have to say that ok recording you meet in Big videos but not for me it is so ja be something I don't know

  4. In hungry shark world I have ol of the shark en mecha sharkjira and shin sharkjira

  5. XXL shark only eat tiger shark evil and great hammer evil and megamouth evil 3evil shark

  6. If your gold ruch you can not die on a bomb

  7. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  8. The hungry shark evooshon is the rip off

  9. This game is not a rip off it’s made by the same peaple

  10. I had acicent shark on hungery sgark world for 5k preals (66-off)

  11. I hope he knew that if you get a better shark you can eat other things and break doors like the bone one

  12. And also I think the person that made this game in hungry shark evolution
    are the same people that made the game

  13. Funeral and when are you playing on the shark world in the update on the bed and then you know what happened I got the Apex shark my dream can you get there and can you get that a pads shark all of them and make a show see you and then today can you get all the Apex sharks please make a video about that

  14. Play more hungry shark play more hungry shark playing more hungry shark play bar hungry shark it's one of my favorite games ever and everything ever

  15. Well actually timbers grabbing a megalodon the last big one

  16. Me be like : what the is this kinda wired image see it
    19,9m people: see it
    Me: -_- and now seeing it 😁😁

  17. Can you pls make another one their is a new update

  18. Ya made by the same people because there same names and just different stuff

  19. I got megalodon noob I have every shark and you got all hungry letter I got laser .40 that is your pet it is a xx h shark I have xs s m l xL and XxL all fish dna stufff there are more shark there are 78 sharks total

  20. It is a copy because it is the same maker lol sucker

  21. Igot every thing and they’re max out lol

  22. Hungry make your shark eat everything for 2 minutes and mega rush make every thing gold and it will give you money ok and shark can break stuff

  23. Those brown particles around that material is equal that is trash

  24. Fgteev one of your next 20 jokes you should do a crush joke

  25. That not a Whale shark is a mega mouth

  26. I remember when I was young my brother had so good sharks in this game and I deleted this game I was so stupid

  27. The good thing about this game is that the big sharks are cheaper like the Megalodon is 500 gems now

  28. Duddy and Chase You Coulda Buy the XXL Bc XXL But The !! ARE Really Op

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