Hungry Shark World - New Baby Snapping Turtle Pet - Trevor -

Hungry Shark World – New Baby Snapping Turtle Pet – Trevor

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  1. When is this game comes out? FGOL official youtube channel uploaded trailer of Hungry Shark World. Thats mean this game will be here soon? what you know about it?

  2. When does it come out also for Google play devices

  3. Can you put on both trevor and the kracken at the same time?

  4. The weird thing is that in hungry shark evolution you can buy a shark called coming soon

  5. Bagoyee when is it coming out for Malaysia App Store????

  6. HOLY SHIT (Sorry for my langue ) Bagoyee there's a new giant submarine and a baby Megalodon.And the realising day is in summer .IDK which date.


  8. is hunry shark world is pc or for tablet

  9. No se me ha acusado a los que se me ocurre mejor forma de ser

  10. I thought this was like an earth or rock Shark 😛

  11. Trevor reminds me about mortal kombat X ¯(ツ)

  12. Trevor is my name this is my mom's picher

  13. Is anyone experiencing a bug with Trevor? I have the Great White maxed out on his abilities. Trevor will swim around and center on a mine, but the mine doesn't blow up. Is this a bug?

  14. I subbed Cuz you used all your gems just for the video. btw just hack it by game hacker or game killer or whatever

  15. If u get Hungry Shark World for a Samsung device that is supported by Hungry Shark world, u can get Trevor for free! No joke.

  16. I don't know what it is about this guys voice, but I love it. Thanks for the vid, you getting on Trevor's case was funny.

  17. Today trevor costs 40,000 coins wich is amaziNG

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