Hungry Shark World - NEW Killer Whale Unlocked Bigger, Stronger & Faster - Android Gameplay 2020 -

Hungry Shark World – NEW Killer Whale Unlocked Bigger, Stronger & Faster – Android Gameplay 2020

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Hungry Shark World – NEW Killer Whale Bigger, Stronger & Faster – Android Gameplay 2020


  1. Oğlum yuh adam pro hakkını vermeliyiz

  2. Im kinda jelly cuz i had all the shakrs up to the killer whale a few years ago when i was about 6-7 years old then i had a baby borther and he broke my tablet so now i started over from the begginning qwq and im currently using mako shark and saving for mega mouth but meh atleast im getting a lil closer to it qwq

  3. Dark magic shark come back to the game I’m buying it

  4. Who would win in a size of?
    The predecessor of the Megalodon or one Seaworld slave boi

  5. I2ieieueueyeheu3u3hebebshsjdeie89e9eoeo292202

  6. Holy shit I remember the game that the Orca is from.

  7. I have the dark magic shark it's cool and it's so amazing

  8. Veteran great white his teeth turn to metal teeth

  9. I am a loser cause I am only in the frenzy and I dont have anything like big momma,megalodon,dark magic shark,killer whale like that man

  10. i have mr snappy and im gona buy kiler whale

  11. Hey bro Im turkhish. How did you raise the killer whale? I'll do it

  12. U can eat the biggest sharks with this

  13. U can’t eat the red jellyfish those are the most powerful jellyfish in the game

  14. i have mecha sharkfira and he is so fire!🔥🔥


  16. Qui en es mejor la 🐳🐋 o la mama tiburón

  17. I have the meltdown shark it is stronger than killer whale

  18. Oh and killer whale is from atlantic oncean in the game killer whale escaped from capa city

  19. This is kinda weird but Idk why the game make the killer whale after big momma AKA dunkleotus and megalodon-

  20. I got big momma megalodon and dark magic shark

  21. Mr snoopy is here check my channel to see it 🔥

  22. Those sharks are insane ( and whale sorry killer buddy)

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