Hungry Shark World - New Shark - Bull Shark -

Hungry Shark World – New Shark – Bull Shark

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  1. hungry makes you like 3 or 2 times bigger for a certain amount of time

  2. Arabian Sea video will actually be tomorrow along with unlocking the Mako Shark!!!

  3. my favorite would have to be the one just played with its really good. can't wait for the next vid

  4. Have you ever considered doing a LP of Plants bs Zombies 2? I feel like it would be very interesting with your commentary.

  5. Just going to let you know there IS a megalodon in this game, once you get the tiger shark, it appears in the arctic ocean, and you can unlock it once you get all the sharks

  6. Bull shark… This shark is able to live in lakes or eiter ocean and sea this is info about the real bull shark

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. How come you always use the frying pan and the headphones?

  9. Do killer whales fight back in this game?

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