Hungry Shark World - New Shark - Thresher Shark -

Hungry Shark World – New Shark – Thresher Shark

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  1. thesher shark i hv a game that my phone

  2. That's what my thresher shark looks like but it has no force field

  3. First view first like first comment. My day is made

  4. Cool and I think when you unlock great white, there will be Megalodon. And I hope his design look cool than the Hungry Shark Evolution.

  5. I can't find game. Is it in theApp Store?

  6. bagoyee can you please not eat the seals their so cute im serious please

  7. The weird part about this game is the whale shark. Whale sharks don't even eat fish. They eat small plants and algae with it's huge mouth. I don't know why it's in here

  8. bayogee plss make an download link for this game are u on android?

  9. another great video from the great bagoyee 😛 still lovin the content also if you could or if there isnt a option to add a image instead of that black background because i've saw another youtuber use a sweet looking reef image from that loading screen thing but anyway aside from that As I said Great video keep on releasing content.

  10. Also how you get mega goldrushes is from an amount of gold rushes you get i'm not 100% sure what amount of normal goldrushes you need to fill it up but its around ill say 8-12 ish.

  11. can you put the link of this game in the discruption?

  12. This game is amazing!my favorite shark is the blue shark and…the sand shark they are cool!complete missions and have coins!
    Best wishes Vasilena

  13. the thresher shark is my favorite shark in this game

  14. I really wish this game will be available for Windows… I want to play it so bad… ;_;

  15. The Mega Gold Rush bar goes up when you eat stuff during a regular Gold Rush.

  16. I can't find it it is not available in the Philippines

  17. Lol I’m from the future btw a new species of sharks are coming megalodon atomic shark killer whale shark buzz shark dark magic shark dunkleastus robo shark zombie shark snappy mossares. Apex sharks |. Ancient megaldon alpha zombie shark. FINAL MELTDOWN SHARK

  18. whats ur favorites

    s porbagle
    m heidi
    l mako
    xl drago
    xxl basking
    tier ii dark magic and dunkleosteus
    apex meltdown shark

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