Hungry Shark World - Pirate Anthem [Ahoy!] -

Hungry Shark World – Pirate Anthem [Ahoy!]

Hungry Shark
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Here’s the official Hungry Shark Pirate Anthem! Sing along with us!



Take your shark for a treasure hunt in the mysterious sunken galleon level, face new deadly enemies and get a chance to unlock a new companion, Jasper the Ghost Pet!

Want to live the life of a Hungry Shark?

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  1. wtf xddd wooow is intro hungry hungry world niceee

  2. I LUV DIS GAME!!!Lol it Sounds like a sponge bob intro.I also got Buzz the Helicoprion!

  3. Also,am I the only one who noticed his mustace(sorry if i spelled it wrong,but you get it)Is coming out of his nostrils xD

  4. Yeah this is me when trying to do the theme

  5. This is from gaming bever live stream can this be the intro please!

  6. I wonder how many shark coins that poor pirate got paid….

  7. Hey! Can you please add more sharks?! I have some ideas!
    S. Frilled shark, it can have 127 health and dealdy, it will have weird teeth and will be like the blue shark
    M. Greenland shark, it will have 132 health and will have a fast bite.
    L. Saw shark, it will have 143 health and will have a small mouth, it can use its saw to kill something and than eat it
    XL. Pleisoasur, sorry if it's not spell right or it is, it will have 231 health, and uses its neck to eat small fish and use its neck as a whip to take down its prey, or just eat it.
    XXL. Pacific sleeper shark, a fat shark and almost the largest, it will have 258 health and will just swallow prey up easier.
    !!. Jaws! The deadly shark, it will have 489 or 532 health and will be the strongest shark in the game and the most expensive

  8. I play hunger shark word and it’s cool

  9. The Anthem of the Pirates is the Hungry Shark World Theme🦈🏴‍☠️

  10. does anyone remember that map? I remember that I always played it, but now it's gone

  11. Spongebob Hungry Shark Lol

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