Hungry Shark World | Rise and Fight (Teaser Trailer) -

Hungry Shark World | Rise and Fight (Teaser Trailer)

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Something unknown has breached the surface, what’s it gonna be?

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  1. We all knew who that fin belongs after dani post that

  2. Future games of London congrats for 1 million subcribers

  3. Hey Ubisoft, as a suggestion, would you be able to add the original Antarctica ocean area in hungry shark evolution back and also with the space ocean? I would like to see them back as a old burst of nostalgia in a different portal, or you could add these areas in Hungry Shark world.

  4. Can you please fix the bug in the hungry shark evolution where the cages it's spinning so fast like a tornado which made me jump to a very distant place and also to a place that never existed in the map. Please fix this bug. I m so sick with this bug. 😭😡

  5. Oh my God God this short clip awakens my Thalassophobia I didn't know I had

  6. When will the update come

  7. Hello it is me back again minutes ago and i want to say that the update is suppose to be coming in may so the update is gonna come out today or tomorrow before june

    Hopefully someone or F.G.O.L will see this

  8. Quienes son esos tiburones invasores de hungry shark world 🤔

  9. Could you guys make a limited time discount for mecha sharkjira in hungry shark world ( i wanna buy it;)

  10. I think we will get the boss like COLLOSEL SQUID if this happens than this will be epically amazing ❤️

  11. Why cant i see some of the accessories because I remember on my old tablet there were so much more sets ?

  12. Now it makes sense what those red eyes where all about
    More mecha sharjiras

  13. The developers of the game, why, with the release of the update, the acceleration of the shark just started to disappear, JUST SO! Correct, please, because it becomes almost impossible to complete tasks. This happens in the Hungru Shark World

  14. Can you hook me up with Mecha Sharkjira please

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