Hungry Shark World | Shark Week 2022 -

Hungry Shark World | Shark Week 2022

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Get ready for more magic as Abyssal Shark joins the Hungry Shark clan!
Take down the rogue Space Momma shark and restore Space Corals in the latest Hungry Shark World update!

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  1. Space momma looks like dark magic shark mixed with big momma

  2. Is it added I was just playing hungry ahark

  3. I just got the update yesterday and now the trailer is released?

  4. Abyssal shark looks a lot like dark magic shark can anyone else see the similarities?

  5. i was thinking that you should ad a new collectible fing and you did ! all tho i was thinking about you would new to collect more way more so you have something to do in the meantime but still i LOVE the update 🦈🦈🦈

  6. Abyssal Shark: I always come back!

    Editor: I was inspired by "Five Nights at Freddy's 3" and the cast meme as Springtrap

  7. me who still only has a killer whale: 🙃😐

  8. Today is my Grandma's birthday her age is now 82 years old but she died on November 4, 2008.

  9. What if it will have announcement for 7 years later it's about Hungry Shark The Movie.
    Great White Shark is the Main Protagonist and the Main Antagonist is Goldie Goldwyn The Goldfish also known as Goldy but she turn into Supporting Protagonist.

    Editor: it should be The Goldfish appears in Hungry Shark Evolution or World.
    Goldie Goldwyn Personal Details:
    Born: April 17, 1775
    Height: 3.1 meters tall
    Goldie Goldwyn Appearance:
    Skin: Normal as Human
    Eye Color: Blue Eyes
    Accessories: Shirtless and Skirt
    Relationship: Great White Shark, The Black Dark/The Night Shadow and The Purple Violet/The Divine

  10. Can I get the nurse shark, legendary great white, and the veteran great white for free, please?

  11. This is amazing! The hungry shark franchise games are always evolving, it's amazing how a 2009/2010 game made by a small team has become

  12. Wow great update can't wait to start chomping using Abyssal shark,

  13. Hey Devs can u guys Add Something new(new sharks) in the HS Evolution game? like new special shark

  14. Looks cool! But why is the health of Abyssal Shark is low despite being an Apex Shark? I would still prefer Cosmic Alan or the Mecha one in Arctic Apocalypse.
    Anyways, I have saved up 8.1k pearls and I just need to collect Abyss Runes.

  15. If this is DM shark if he swam in toxic waste, we could have a new south China extinction map

  16. Find 200 runes to unlock this powerful apex 🔥❄️🌀🦈

  17. When you will add new shark to hungry shark evolution?

  18. I can't log in to my old account

  19. Y’all never run out of ideas do you?


  21. Dark magic shark is already insane so image how insane this is gonna be

  22. Damn this update is coming it showed me I'm going to update it to try that shark better

  23. Abyssal Shark looks amazing!! It's like Dark Magic Shark but… cooler! So his powers it's Fire Field and Lazer Snowflakes. I can't wait to play with him soon!

  24. Espero que llegue pronto esta actualización hoy no voy a poder dormir pensando en esta hermosura de actualización 👌😎

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