Hungry Shark World | Splash Pass 2 incoming! -

Hungry Shark World | Splash Pass 2 incoming!

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Are you ready for another splash? The Splash Pass is returning to Hungry Shark World!

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  1. I hope that will release in April 22th.

  2. I just realised it's been almost a year since the last splash pass

  3. Hey fgol pls make it a little cheaper i bought the first one but i gotta a say 15$ is a bit too much maybe 7$.

  4. With how amazing the first Splash Pass was, I've got high hopes for this next one. Especially that Stingray, it looks really cool!

  5. Too bad I won't be able to have him, I don't spend money on the game

  6. Hungry shark will we have new shark in this hungry shark world update?

  7. And how to get the premium for splash pass 2? It should not use credit card because if money is enough then they gets arrested in prison.

  8. Is it just new pets? If so thats kinda boring..

  9. Наконец то какая-то обнова

  10. I missed the 1st Splash pas AND THIS IS AMAZING

  11. Good (also I hope that the 2nd splash pass will be cheaper than the 1st)


  13. I’m really hyped but if the upcoming seasons would be able to buy it with in-game currency would be soooo awesome

  14. That's good. I'll do my best to win those pets or some good reward. Premium or Free.

  15. Bruh i just hope itll be less expensive than the last one

  16. Ahhh splash pass. I remember when I saw the first one..!

    Never touched the game again…


  18. So when will the hungry shark evolution pass video come?

  19. I'm excited and I appreciate having Duolingo since I'm Mexican and otherwise I wouldn't understand it. XD

  20. I’m so ready splash pass has to be the best summer event getting free new !! Sharks by just buying a pass is so amazing

  21. I wonder what shark would be in the next one! Maybe a frilled shark? Or something else I don't know… But with the pass's do you think that the 1st could come back one day? Although new rewards but same pets and sharks? That good because I missed out with not being able to download HSW.

  22. I can't wait any longer, put a multiplayer in the game >: v or else the aquarium of the old versions returns

  23. i'm exited dude because i just got the greta white shark and i will use it 🙂

  24. I hope those pet are payed by shark coins or gems

  25. I am very hyped so better update it I can't miss it this is my chance

  26. Oooh cool, I remember getting the first one! I have an unrelated question though, is the Hungry Shark World and Hungry Shark Evolution made on Unreal Engine or something else?

  27. This is awesome, could you guys possibly consider doing the coin festival ever again? 🤞

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