Hungry Shark World | Splash Pass incoming! -

Hungry Shark World | Splash Pass incoming!

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You asked, we listened! We’re bringing you the first ever Battle Pass for Hungry Shark World, stay tuned to know more about the Splash Pass!

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  1. Can you please make an eel in hungry shark world/evoloution

  2. I cant download it because "your device is not compatible with this version" on my tablet

  3. Whenever some game wants to copy the characteristic of the battle pass, they always ruin it by making it cost real money and not for game coins, as hungry shark world must have used gems, around 150 or 250, or a cost that is They feel like it, but making it cost real money is what makes people hate this kind of battle pass in these games, and even worse, $ 16-20 is insane. Please fix this, I am a huge fan of HSE and HSW and I play them since I was little, and most of the players are young children who cannot make micro transactions or their parents do not want to buy them, but this is already a lot.

  4. Uhhh, FGOL Why is the Shark Pass Not On My App

  5. Seria bueno que fuera comprado. Con dinero y gemas o perlas lo quesea pero seria bueno que el pase fura como free fire que lo compras con gemas nose como unas 5.200 gemas y para los que no tienen gemas que tambien saliera el de comprar solo eseo era BENDICIONES

  6. Ok please make the gold splash pass for gems. I dont want this game to turn into another cash grab. Edit: Welp 15$ for it :T Im not buying it thats way to much money for something that isnt permamanet.

  7. Angry shark que hai que hacer para tener hel pase élite Por qué cuando descargo ungris Shark no aparece?

  8. Вымерание на аравийском море будет?

  9. Hey FGOL why my hungry shark is no update

  10. Kikeherreroferrandis Herrero ferrrandis says:

    No me sale el spalsh pass y no se porque

  11. Battle passes have just become an item on a checklist for video games at this point.

  12. Does anyone know wherever Splash Pass is a one-time payment. I know it isn't a subscription, but it says Splash Pass Season One, so will we have to pay again for Season Two?

  13. Btw i like the silver ticket for free but if the golden ticker costs real money im gonna be mad, like, really mad, like suuuuuper mad, like really ultra mad! (Becouse i cant spend real money) but if its gems or pearls… il be okay and not angry.

  14. Okay the prices cost way too much for the love of God please minus the prices make them not that expensive there so fricking expensive please

  15. splash pass is too pricy as compared to other games even in india its to pricy

  16. Why won’t it let me update the game for this becuase I see you tubers who got the update

  17. Can I get that Axel without premium splash pass in future?

  18. Hello

    When i'm putting this comment, the Shark week Maj is already here, but unfortunaly, we need to use Real Money to play with Vétéran great white and the other Shark ( i will not spoil more ).
    So it could be good that at the end of the Shark week ( in 82 days ), that we will be able to unlock the sharks with pearls
    Like 6000 each, or 10 000.

    Thanks for Reading this comment, and i love hungry Shark World

  19. i dont like this update. It has such cool sharks like the legendary great white and you have to pay.i dont like battle passes because you have to pay for the golden premium pass.The games updates were good until now.

  20. Finally got the update, and I’m quite disappointed

  21. Hey that's brawl pass from Brawl Stars 🤩

  22. worst update in every hungry shark game history

  23. What the heck were you thinking the thing cost 15 bucks for a bunch of pets

  24. Omg i love this game im your biggest fan and I played this game when it came out 😁😁😁😁

  25. hello 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  26. splash pass is EA's creation i like hungry shark world why real money?

  27. I like the new things but is too much pay 2 win and I dont really like that, if you could buy the new pets with coins/gems instead of wasting money it will be better.

  28. Worst update ever
    You would better make it cost gems

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