Hungry Shark World | Splash Pass Season 3! -

Hungry Shark World | Splash Pass Season 3!

Hungry Shark
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Mighty Matriarch has arrived and there’s a lot more in store with the Splash Pass Season 3! Download the latest update and get chomping! 🦈

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  1. We've seen Ragnir in his natural Dragon form; now we finally get to see Mako in her natural Shark form. HOW COOL!!! 🦈

  2. Dang bro to think this used to be the game I played in my childhood this game got so much better, love you Hungry Shark, keep up the good work.🫶😊

  3. Thank you so much for making the new momma pearls instead of real money 🥰🥰🥰😊😊💕💕❣️❣️

  4. Guys bring back the facebook login I save my process in fb now I will start over pls put it back

  5. I've been a fan of your game for years , Keep It up🙂 btw I have a question, how long does the splash pass last?

  6. I want some new helicoprion species in the game

  7. Opa,sou brasileiro eu queria saber se vai ter duas variaçoes novas do buzz,pq tem gente postando sobre isso

  8. Is the jet pack permanent reward? And recycler?

  9. But why the price of Mighty Matriarch has to be super expensive tho, even MSJ who's stronger have a less price. Can you devs lower the price a bit?..

  10. This is the best Splash Season!😁Also my favorite game!

  11. Jawsome update also who else just buys the first shark in the category because they all do the same thing the only difference is stat and looks but this is my favorite game

  12. It’s really good an all but why do you have to purchase the splash pass for money 😢

  13. Really disappointed as always same sharks with different skins whats the point come on

  14. Nice Job bro! Can't wait to get the new Matriarch! THANK YOU HUNGRY SHARK/UBISOFT

  15. Вы что натворили, убрали иконку входа в аккаунт в Фэйсбук, я просрал аккаунт из-за вас

  16. Pueden hacer El Splash Pass con gemas? me es muy dificil conseguir dinero y no se que hacer con las gemas que tengo 🙂 GRacias equipo de Hungry Shark World

  17. Can you help me I can’t save cloud it show ❌ on cloud save

  18. Whoooo! My Brawlhalla main is in Hungry Shark! How fitting 🦈

  19. Please, another splash pass for next month.

    Splash Pass Season 4

    Free: All Skins from Splash Pass Season 1 and Pets from Splash Pass Season 1 and 2

    Premium: All premium sets won from the contest including Premium Shark Week Hat, Santa Set, and Shark Week Pack 2022

  20. Hungry shark please make Gaia cheaper like 150 gems I’ve been working so hard on saving these baby sharks and it’s 1500 gems that I can’t afford

  21. I've got every shark and their respective skins in the game except legendary and veteran because I'm free to play, so I wish in the future there will be other ways to obtain them without having to spend money.

  22. Dolwoand Blue Whale Hungry Shark evolution

  23. I really love this game and I have a shark suggestion to ads

  24. I already finished the splash pass but i dont have the premium so i begged my parents to buy it but they said no:(

  25. Anyone else having the issue where certain items aren’t appearing after starting the splash pass? I’ve saved for the warrior set, but there are no buyable sets whenever I check the shop. Instead, they’re saying that the sets are only available in the splash pass.

  26. For splash pass four, can you bring back that crocodile pet. He should be in the normal(NOT premium) splash pass just like in the first ever splash pass

  27. Also, if you buy the premium splash pass, will you still get the premium splash pass on later splash passes

  28. If I buy the bonus bundle will I get all sharks from the old pass

  29. Please hope the splash pass can be purchased with diamonds

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