Hungry Shark World SPLUM: A Luxurious Meate Snack! -

Hungry Shark World SPLUM: A Luxurious Meate Snack!

Hungry Shark
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January 16th, 2017 – Glutwell Corporation has officially announced the opening of a new subsidiary in a city of South China Sea, with a new environmental program already on the way.

More information is to be shared soon, Managing Director confirms.

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  1. FGOL tryna subliminally sell splum or spread awareness about how horrible humans are?

  2. In the game in artic ocean has a fast food restaurant named SPLUM Burger!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ive never seen such a wholesome video in my life.

  4. What the tunafish😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣!??!??!!??!!??!?!!!??!?

  5. I wanna know more about glutwell corp and the lore of hungry shark world which I feel isn't noticed or recognized all that often

  6. I'm about to contemplate my life right now

    hungry shark:

  8. guys we found those both are them is glutwell corp is not lying to kill the ocean they tested the gooe and it does not infect the fishes and shark (nope its infected lol)its not true how it happen

  9. splum place
    china sea:a building with a motion of burger
    pacific:find the picture of splum

  10. xenomorfosis • 3 Mln di visualizzazioni says:


  11. this needs to have more comments

  12. I think this is made from toxic ooze

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