Hungry Shark World | The Big Showdown Trailer -

Hungry Shark World | The Big Showdown Trailer

Hungry Shark
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The evil Glutwell corporation has created the ultimate mental monster, Mecha Sharkjira. The brave Veteran Great White tried his best to fend him off but was gravely wounded in the battle. Sharkjira, the biggest and most powerful of all the Hungry Sharks, was the next face off against Mecha Sharkjira and as the two titans fought Veteran Great While was able to escape. Having recovered from his injuries and with the aid of his fellow Hungry Sharks, Veteran Great While returns to face the mighty Mecha Sharkjira once more.

Hungry Shark World is out now and free to download. Click the link to get ready for the update coming very soon

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  1. Guys sharkjira will come back he always gets more radiation and becomes Evan bigger then before he will come back and with the evolved version in hungry shark evolution he can become larger and deadlier

  2. Me when I get a new high score in hungry shark world 0:38

  3. 0:27 when you are best player on team and you lose to best player on other team but u almost defeat them

  4. Ubisoft pls sharkjira will reborn in hungry shark world

  5. 0:50 i like how all sharks started to fight at mecha sharkjira

  6. Mechagodzilla act like the movie in godzilla and kong vs mechagodzilla.

  7. So the question was did mecha sharkjira get that burnt mark on his chest before or did he get it when sharkjira blasted him in his chest?

  8. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Can you make mutant sharkjira haha xd 😂😂

  10. La película nunca salió y yo estaba esperandola pero ya me doy cuenta que nunca saldrá 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Menit sharkjira mec shark jira shark
    Boss shark

  12. They predicted godzilla vs kong

  13. Sharkijar is Godzilla and Machosharkijar is Robo Godzilla it fun fekt

  14. Oh my sharkjira bigger than all of shark in hungry shark world wow

  15. Sharkjira Megalodon kills Mecha sharkjira


  17. Vim do futuro pra Dizer que o sharkjira não morreu ele ainda está vivo

  18. I wish I had the Sharkjira

  19. Future games of London please give mechanic shark Mira

  20. Theory: when sharkjira fell he absorbed as much toxins as he can eventually changing his physical form after the transformation the new shin sharkjira went to Antarctica to rest before being attacked my multiple mecha sharkjira

  21. They predicted Godzilla vs kong movie

  22. bro predicted godzilla vs kong 💀

  23. I love how all 41 shark jump torwarded

  24. Todo chido pero la torreta no sirve y pondrían agregarla como el ojo lazer que dispare solo al frente y sea una habilidad pasiva

  25. Colar uma nova batalha no Godzilla tubarão versos Godzilla tubarão robótico?????

  26. Sharkjira is Killer by mechasharkjira. Rip sharkjira😢😭😰🤧😿👼🌹🥀🌺🌷🪷. Victory for mechasharkjira🏆.

  27. I love this game so much 🦈 🩸

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