Hungry Shark World | The Splash Pass is here! -

Hungry Shark World | The Splash Pass is here!

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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You asked, we listened! Download the latest update to experience the first Splash Pass in Hungry Shark World!

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  1. Please help my alpha zombie shark is wearing cloths please help me correct iit

  2. what is the language that hungry shark WORLD was coded?

  3. Man cmon $34.99 Nz for x treme splash pass and nurse sharks are my fav cat sharks so I wish someday it can be free😊😊😊😊

  4. Panie producencie proszę żeby mogłeś odblokować górę bez pieniędzy

  5. Thers qlich zith skins i tried to put q thibg on but it disappeared

  6. It might be kinda late and irrelevant to ask this, but whatever happened to the species list in evo? And would you ever consider updating it?

  7. You can play this game on ps4 but it's not free to download

  8. what happened to the first hungry shark?

  9. I unlocked all 50 tiers but for some reason I don’t have my jinxy skin. I’ve already claimed the 50 tiers too. Is there a way to fix that?

  10. I bought the splash pass like a week ago and I love it also can you make it to were if you buy the splash pass then it will disable all ads because I don’t really want to buy coins or gems since I already have enough and I also love the game.

  11. I Bought the pass and completed it in one day. It made the game too fast.

  12. Dont be fooled switch version os still buggy, been 2-3 years left untouch. No fix no nothing

  13. Почему я не могу загрысть 2 акулу 😡😭🥩

  14. Thank you Ubisoft, now the game has become pay to win because of you

  15. Please don't tell me they took away buzz

  16. Fanmade Maps And Sharks For Shark Evolution:
    StarTon Space
    Glutwell Lab
    Acid China Sea
    Mutant Squid(Colossal Squid Toxified Form)
    Percival(Piranha Pet)
    Alex(Alien Shark)
    Phenna(Special Skin Changing Parasite Shark)
    Gabriel(Special Hybrid Polar Bear Shark)
    Splicer(Glutwell Most Deadliest Shark)
    Susanoo(Samurai Shark China Mutant)
    Yokai(Ninja Shark)
    Kraxicorde(Mutant Squid Baby)
    Octobella(Mutant Squid Baby
    Sullivan/Sully (Mutant Squid Baby)
    Cebera(Mutant Squid Baby)

  17. New map is hungry shark evolutions meg spawn point

  18. In my opinion nothing happens to the pass, the only bad thing is the price for what it is worth, it is not worth much

  19. Saya mohon dengan ada mode misi dapat ikan hiu gratis free

  20. The game is P2W now, because you should spend the real money to get all the sharks. I don't understand the people who asked for the splash pass. I wanted to get all the sharks without spending the real money, but now… You should spend the real money for the 100% completion. I hate this game now. It was already a P2W game, but it's now more P2W game.

  21. New update now we have elite pass in hungry shark

  22. I could understand that the game needs to make money ,but why it's cost 15.99 ?!!

  23. ¿Do we have to buy new splash pass again for the new splash pass season 2?

  24. The free pass is good. In my country the pass is 10$ and extreme is 14 – 15$. The free pass, well it's the best! becouse you get a free M (medium shark) a Free L (Large) shark. And a XL extra large) Shark!! The free pass was soo good!
    And it's for beginners! We might get a XXL shark! Or maybe a !! shark!
    Nah. But we might get in shark free pass 2 is. echo.1 Tiger Shark.2 Basking Shark.3! I hope you get theese rewards for free. Thanks ubisoft.

  25. I just bought the megalodon by then you can basically win all the other sharks in no time


  27. Why are you cancel the veteran great white and legendary great white shark??

  28. Are y’all still updating hsw for Nintendo switch

  29. I cannot see the event and try the Shark Pls i cannot see the event😭

  30. Is this Olney on PC or something cuz it won't come up for me on mobile and switch?

  31. 😁😁😁😄😃😀😀😃😄😄😁😃😀

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