HUNGRY SHARK WORLD vs HUNGRY SHARK EVO - New Megalodon VS Old Megalodon Gameplay -

HUNGRY SHARK WORLD vs HUNGRY SHARK EVO – New Megalodon VS Old Megalodon Gameplay

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Hungry Shark World VS Hungry Shark Evo – Hungry Shark World Is The New Hungry Shark Game From FGOL The Creators Of Hungry Shark Evo! Which Is The Best On IOS & Android?! HSW Vs HSE Megalodon Gameplay




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  1. the only reason hungry shark world is better is because its graphics and background also the sharks are better

  2. Bububu yo tengo todito los tibirones

  3. Aren't they both really the same, they both have bombs, same ships and even cages and they even level up the same way, both have good rush too, are they the same company?

  4. Uhhh in 2020 hunggry shark evolution star is 7.000.000

  5. Hunggry shark word is a 1.000.000
    Im not time traveled but i lnow it

  6. Hungry shark evolution winner!! 😆😆

  7. Well, I remember playing the old hungry shark games as a kid. And, Hungry Shark EVO. is the real OG. Don’t get me wrong. But, in my opinion, Ubisoft just did a much better job with Hungry Shark World. The graphics are better, the sharks are bad-ass, and it’s just a better game overall. To me, Hungry Shark World was just perfect. So, Hungry Shark World has to be better. But EVO is still good though. 👍

  8. Art style of World just doesn’t give the same feeling as the semi realistic one of Evo, sharks look to cartoonish in World

  9. I miss this style of hungry shark evolution.

  10. aaaaaaaaaa11111123999999999999993450

  11. Actually There just Relatedly in the both sides sharks In Ubisofts is a family game though

  12. Rhino hungry shark evolution have new sharks

  13. i like world because i’m a mako in that and i’m a mako in evo too but the one in world is better

  14. They both are good But Hungry Shark World is better

  15. I like hungry shark EVO better than hungry shark world

  16. Hungry shark evolution👎hungry shark word 👍👍

  17. this does not make scene plane are flying in space

  18. I like both. Evo is just calm and enjoy the game, World has more element but it could be too intense sometimes

  19. Him: It’s safe to be a small shark!
    Me: Turns the corner to a sharkjira as a Mako Shark

  20. Hungry shark evolution is 100000 times better than hungry shark world

  21. why does people vote evo just because the sharks look realistic and world cartoony?real or cartoony doesnt matter to me only thing matter is the gameplay and the fun

  22. I actually like hungry shark evo cuz I grew up with it and I love the look of the sharks

  23. Hungry shark world is better for me in every possible way, but I picked evo due to its variety of sharks and not having to buy a splash pass to unlock something

  24. I still miss the 2016 looks more then 2021 looks tbh

  25. I don’t like the way sharks in HSE eat it’s so annoying (it’s hard to eat smth)

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