Let's Play Hungry Shark World | Bull Sharkin' Around | PS4 Pro Console Walkthrough Gameplay (P+J) - hungryshark.net

Let’s Play Hungry Shark World | Bull Sharkin’ Around | PS4 Pro Console Walkthrough Gameplay (P+J)

Praetorian HiJynx
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Join Praetorian & Jynx in their playthrough of Hungry Shark World on the PS4 Pro!

In episode 3 we tear up the ocean with the Bull Shark! We also find the map to start his mission.

You can purchase the game in the Playstation store

It’s also available on Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS

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  1. Why the f bombs on a walkthrough for a game that my kids play? There was no warning beforehand about the language.

  2. Used to play a hungry shark mobile game when i was younger….

  3. Gem fish nmission show a "where" location. See the ship wheel? Its a location in the map. Go there and eat a gem fish there.

  4. You can avoid the skeletons with hypnosis items. The skeletons just stand there and let you eat tgem

  5. The message in a bottle stays in the same spot

  6. U get a mega rush when u get in a gold rush a certain amount of times

  7. U need to find a beach ball for the hoops

  8. I think the bottle is in the top left of the map i know because i have on my xbox

  9. I played the mobile version and theres a beach ball for the hoops

  10. Some how you keep entertaining even with a boring game haha. Left a like, but I think I'm done with this game. I would watch for you two, but so much to catch up on channel.

  11. Sorry this is late but. How do you have all of those icons popping out on your map? ❤️❤️

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