LUMINITE vs KRAKEN in Hungry Shark Evolution -

LUMINITE vs KRAKEN in Hungry Shark Evolution

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This is the Kraken and Luminite in Hungry Shark Evolution game.


  1. Nah bro kraken is the goat it can kill SHARKNAROK! So it pretty much kills every other shark and it has THREE ABILITIES! Tentacle saw, tentacle drill, and tentacle bullets!

  2. The kraken can easily can kill anything with the tenticle drill and the tenticle saw

  3. Magmajira is best and strong i think know

  4. Lumi would be better if it was more controllable and if it didn't have that boost delay.

  5. Kraken is cheaper than Luminite, but I think Luminite doesnt deserve to be a higher price than Kraken because Kraken can kill Luminite with just a single tentacle drill attack. To make Luminite worth the price, they should nerf the kraken a little or make Luminite have better abilities.

  6. Kraken wins it can eat luminite and behemoth

  7. The Luminite is in a Higher price but the Kraken is more Cheaper and THE KRAKEN CAN KILL THE LUMINITE WITH JUST IT'S TENTACLE DRILL

  8. Kraken is far best than all other sharks specially it's ability on gold rush ,🥰

  9. From m.r snappy everyone can kill luminite so kraken will win

  10. Squid word is causing chaos because of SpongeBob

  11. Squid word is eating his other kinds

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