Megalodon.EXE | Hungry Shark Evolution -

Megalodon.EXE | Hungry Shark Evolution

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Megalodon.EXE (I guess?)
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  1. If you have troubles hitting ultra mines as a megalodon, I recommend you buying lava baby, it's useful against the fire and explosives

  2. Finally someone said truly how annoying the planes are

  3. Can you do super mission 18 the quest is to get 800,000,000 or 850M points.

  4. i didnt know the meg is still pretty good even tho its now at the bottom of the food chain

  5. I like how he got smoked by a Mr, Snappy, Luminite, and Abysshark

  6. hey bro have you seen todays humor

  7. Wow ok 👍👍👍👍👍yes

  8. I miss how megalodon used to be the fourth-best shark but now he's just the worst shark
    Rip 😔

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