MEGALODON unlocked in Hungry Shark World -

MEGALODON unlocked in Hungry Shark World

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This is the Megalodon that unlocked in Hungry Shark World.


  1. Remember the time the megalodon was the best shark

  2. What's the real life on them megalodon

  3. I have all the sharks and I also have Mecha Sharkjira and Shin Sharkjira

  4. The meg is the strongest shark and simple and he's size is bigger

  5. Mister gimana cara duit banyak hugri shark world

  6. This is the new Shark is Shadow Megalodon Bigger, Stronger and Faster Gigantic Shark Giant Megalodon? That is the real Mega Shark Shadow.

  7. Your basically unstoppable when you get the Megalodon


  9. hey i can download any maps ;( just arabian map and pacific..

  10. I worked for months to get zombie Megalodon

  11. Shark it for megalodon (!!) Zombie megalodon where megalodon zombie (!!)

  12. It only cost 250,000??!! I thought it would cost like 400,000 or 500,000 that’s way cheaper

  13. Bruh I got to xxl in 4 days bouta unlock meg got the coins just not unlocked yet

  14. how did you manage to have lots of money please tell me I'm still a beginner

  15. I'm almost gonna unlock it me got 47.127 coins

  16. it's impossible to die if you play as Megalodon

  17. Its not cheap at all, it was ten times harder to get him when he got out. Now you can get'im in like 2 week instead of 3-15 months.

  18. Aaaaaaas stop un un m in do C C p.m. upp Co vip foo bop zoo zoo zoo zoo so oh coo no:!& shTj

  19. Wait..He can eat bombs.. so how is he gonna die?

  20. Lol that's super cheap I thought it will be like 500k gold coins but 250k LOL EZ IF I EQUIP MEGA RUSH ALL TIME AND TRY. Y BEST BOOM MY I GOT LIKE 80k gold if I survive like 30 minute sor 1 hour

  21. don't be like the other people who use stupid cheat hacks for this game

  22. I swear all the time and in that badass is not rlly a bad word at all but I was still shocked when it said "A badass extinct shark" cuz its a kids game-

  23. I have great white shark with max level but i cant get megalodon

  24. I really thought I want the megalodon😢

  25. makes an extinction in the ocean 💀

  26. When you’re the megalodon in this game … JUST GO ROGUE!!

  27. When your a megalodon can you like eat everything?

  28. Bro on my phone I had the meg ect and I lost my phone and I have a iPad also so I had to restart all of my progress to get the meg again😭

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