Mini megalodon - limited time mode | hungry shark world -

Mini megalodon – limited time mode | hungry shark world

Henznac Gaming
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Scour the ocean with a mini legalodon. Tini in size, powerful as ever

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  1. hmmmm…. this mode is cute for megalodon right??

  2. Is it possible to turn mini meg mode off?

  3. I thought it was some practicle joke

  4. Dude, how do you eat the red jellyfish and massive jellyfish?

  5. Idk I can't handle that little Meg thing. A bit disappointing that I have to play with it now to unlock the other sharks.

  6. Almost the size of your pets lol 😂 👌

  7. I actually really like this mini megalodon. It gives me a more challenging run in a game which really pumps me up more knowing it's like playing a really buffed up reef shark

  8. Will i ever get it to normal size or something.

  9. In my opinion they should make a thing where you can turn it off or in other maps that don’t have the event on it would be normal size

  10. If i buy it now, it'll became full size someday?

  11. Eu sou do seu grupo do Facebook
    Sabia que já tinha te visto em algum lugar
    É desse vídeo

  12. 😅😅😅😅😅😅………,..?!

  13. why megalodon is tiny whaaaaaaaaat but it's strong tho and also he can still fight bigger sharks

  14. and also Kid megalodon eats Daddy and Mommy megalodon that is sooooo funny XD XD XD

  15. i got have this mode and i never my megalodo did not change to normal size forever but when i just uninstall it and then install it again i play for a long ago and the i unlock the sharks that i just unlock then i use megalodon and then he came back to normal size

  16. and also henznac gaming why theres emojis on this video whaaaaaaat

  17. megalodons 3 pets are bigger than him XD

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