MOBY DICK Unlocked - Hungry Shark Evolution -

MOBY DICK Unlocked – Hungry Shark Evolution

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The New shark Moby Dick Unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution games (Shark Week 2020).

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  1. Literally the worst fish in the game, made 150 mln points with Alan and couldnt 200k with dick to reach lvl 2

  2. This Shark looks Like Whale of a tale 😲

  3. I finally got abysshark even tho i'm a bit used to the Sharkjira

  4. Me see the name when i was a kid:☺ Me when i see the name now:💀

  5. El personaje más lento para comer. Con Alan hice 250M, con este no paso de los 40M, es malisimo.

  6. How is the land bigger than a biggest whale😭

  7. What's your best score M.Snappy everyone ?, Me it's 83 millions in 16 min and 15 sec

  8. MOBY DICK is special Shark but it has Sound Whale

  9. Dark gammer head is way beter than all shark i keep getting gold rush so many times and my score is 125million score

  10. A bi seni çok seviyorum seni çok


  12. Asi compre todos mis tiburones es oferta de 125 diamantes y sin usar hack y ahora tengo todos los tiburones

  13. Fun fact: The ingame moby dick is smaller then a real life sperm whale.

  14. Baby says "Dapat, Pampers Pants" as the saying for Enemy Moby Dick and Moby Dick.

  15. I wish Alan Dow was on 85 percent off that the only shark I need

  16. hey i brought the pack it was limited and only costed 1.99$ but it never gave it to me

  17. You always died delete you game I hate you 😡😡😡

  18. Im now alan dow i will get this shark soon

  19. Dark Hammer is better than most high level sharks. I get gold rush all the time and my highscore is 30m during 25min playing, generating almost 50k

  20. Use electro or eletrec idk shark it can go to 100,999 points and even 10,000,000

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