My Shark Collection|Hungry Shark World PS4 -

My Shark Collection|Hungry Shark World PS4

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People have requested this so this video is for people who want to make sure they have all of the sharks, for I did a series unlocking all of them. Enjoy!


  1. can you help me with the mission for the mako shark because you have to kill ghost hammerheads despite the fact that i use the bottle and the baby shark

  2. Unlocked all of the sharks because of you, thank you sooo much

  3. You helped a lot bro you doing god’s work! Just a question is there a difference between heltip and jojo sparkle?

  4. They need a new update like the phone and yes I also unlocked everything because of you thank you

  5. Welcome 2The Power Shark World(Power Stone Game Sfx Lol)💪🦈🐬👀👍#5
    Now i Must BackLog & Check That Series😱😱😱

  6. Cool! Is it true that heltip can eat anything?! Just curious.

  7. Like everyone else here thank you for helping me unlock all the sharks!

  8. Hungry shark world but without gems,robo shark and the frenzy with 2.3.0 graphics

  9. Such a disappointment game is supposed to be more sharks than that

  10. Do the sharks get bigger when you level up?

  11. Are all the updates till now are they on this game on the switch or any other Console including the PlayStation and Xbox

  12. Have all the sharks in the game + i defeated the squid boss

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