NEW COSMIC ALAN SHARK Unlocked!!! - Hungry Shark World | HD -

NEW COSMIC ALAN SHARK Unlocked!!! – Hungry Shark World | HD

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The New shark Cosmic Alan is in Hungry Shark World! Is it the best shark in the game, with a new black hole ability and able to fly through the skies? Cosmic Alan is best shark. WORLD RECORD!

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  1. Hungry shark world have a new shark you need play it now

  2. A new shark update is in hungry shark world

  3. Don’t forget to do the new Abyssal Shark, can’t wait to see the review!!!

  4. Im going to install hungry shark world

  5. theres new shark in hungry shark world try it

  6. Hey man just like every other comment I heard there is a new shark

  7. ปาหลี บินอับดุลลาเตะ says:

    There's a new shark called the abyssal shark go play it!!!! (hungry shark world)​

  8. I haven’t watch u since 2018 I miss ur old vids

  9. hungry shark world has achievments
    you can see them in the game-center in settings on your mobile device

  10. Why does the shark list ends on !! I cant see them

  11. This video a new shark gonna play was abbysal shark & sharknarok

  12. just got this shark a bit ago…definately worth the grind for the pearls…hopefully it makes my grind for abyss shark a bit easier

  13. Putting the black hole thing on drains boost and health. That’s why you were going so slow and health was draining so fast

  14. Hey gaming beaver just wondering was it my comment u looked at?

  15. Bro you literally got 582 million points before dude

  16. i like how bro doesn't even know he can fly

  17. Should i buy alan for 5000 pearls on sale even if i got mecha sharkjira

  18. I i am the powerful shark in hungry shark world

  19. This just looks like a blatant copy of hungry shark evo with goofier looking sharks

  20. There is a new shark called the abyssal shark check it out

  21. Conquestadore4.6.4™️ عالي غزامي says:

    Bro it took me like 2 hours to get to score -100,936,826,684 wow I got so much gems coins and pearls

  22. Conquestadore4.6.4™️ عالي غزامي says:

    Right now I have about 23,946,999,741 Coins and 99,738,936 Gems and 3,000,000 pearls

  23. Conquestadore4.6.4™️ عالي غزامي says:

    Bro when I was playing I got 100M Gems and 826B coins

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