New shark DARKHAMMER Unlocked (Hungry Shark Evolution) -

New shark DARKHAMMER Unlocked (Hungry Shark Evolution)

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Hungry Shark Evolution Darkhammer gameplay. The Darkhammer Hefescualo is a new shark in the newest update of Hungry Shark Evolution game. And the final boss is the Black Giant Crab, it’s the biggest and strongest Crab Boss in the game.

0:00 Intro
0:05 Darkhammer Unlocked
2:23 Darkhammer vs. Crab Boss
5:57 Darkhammer Fully Equipped

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  1. I think this shark is good at farming gold

  2. Hello I have a tips for earning gems (not as fast but legit):•Play the beach ball (5 hits = 1 gem)•Kill the crab •Get to titanic portal (there are many gem fishes there– 4-6)•Get updated to your daily Rewards –🤗😘

  3. Also I hate the glitch! Why did the developer just FIX!! That frickin' cage glitch before they add or update another content 😑

  4. you can literally eat sharkjira since the gold rush spam is SO OP

  5. The hammerhead is really hard to play with and I keep getting killed by a big zombie fish that targets you just a warning

  6. please reply, are you playing on emulator? and if yes which one? some of them dont do keymapping


    Its like im lucky watching your vids

  8. Darkhammer: whats happening😲😲,look at me i am flying without jetpack
    Game replied: u r glitching
    Me: i like the glitch,its funny
    Its because of that renegade cage

  9. That hammerhead shark got flying? Oh hammerhead shark is flying through the sky but actually it’s a dark hammerhead and it’s going up to the moon 🌚

  10. I have this shark too and l am level this shark to max level

  11. tdy i just evolve the darkhummer and it true that there is a glitch for darkhammer at the gold rush. I just went straight down and I must restart the game.

  12. They need to nerf it lol I killed 2 luminites 1 kraken 1 abbyshark and I sharkjira, the gold rush id remember how is it named they need to nerf it

  13. Wow the game puts this sharks just behind the big daddy and if you get for sale the darkhammer is only 20k that’s a steal

  14. Whenever it gold rushes it kills Higher Players. I defeated a player who used Leo

  15. I love that i can eat so many other sharks with the darkhammer

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