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  1. Me:has hammerhead
    You:Has all the sharks
    Me:who u talkin about noob

  2. Best shark to grind? For example is kraken the best rn?

  3. The noob is better than me I have his shark but it’s a higher level

  4. Noob is the HammerHead or Tiger Pro is the Megalodon and god is all the sharks above that

  5. Nessie is a big shark not small. A small shark is like Reff shark

  6. Im god i just bought it today and skipped everything except the first six cus there was a deal for 125 gems hehe boi

  7. Ah yes, noob has Nessie and a jetpack.

  8. Nisse so
    strong Evolution Reef shark is noob
    Megalodon kind of pro
    Leo you’re strong a the
    game Nisse wow u have
    playing this game since a year Abbys shark you’ve been playing this game since it was out
    If you have a
    kraken and I know I’m kind of Late
    You’re a god at this game
    I have The strongest one


  10. how is Nessie the noob use the reef shark like how would the noob be able to eat boats smh

  11. I hack for unlimited coins so I have all the shark in 2 minutes lol

  12. I may or may not be stuck on the tiger shark but I am about to buy Nessie

  13. You think the shark you use APK you cannot get noob shark,pro shark,or God shark you are noob

  14. I have sharkjira it took me 7 days to get it
    bc i put my date up 1 day then soo many times until it goes to gems then double it up then just getting it BAM not having to get meg or other sharks

  15. There is little to no skill involved in this game, only time, so I don’t really think it makes sense to say somebody is a “pro” or “god” at this game

  16. nessie isn't rlly a noob but nessie's ability sucks and next time u do one of this make sure the noob will be the sec shark :/

  17. noob really bruh i can bearly get mr snapy mosasourus its imposible that that is a noob

  18. Everyshark gangsta until the real Megalodon comes to life again and break the walls in hungry shark evolution and hungry shark world

  19. Nessie is a big monster but he puts Nessie as a noob shark

  20. Noob Reef shark

    OK Nessie

    Pro Sharkjira

    Hacker Abby

    God Kraken

  21. O noob n é o tubarão e sim quem ta jogando

  22. The new update is that Nessie ore shaky that has powers can eating everything so all sharks are God's these 5

  23. I don’t get how the noob has a jet pack equipped and has nessie

  24. The noob* is good and’e he needed to be with a hammer head

  25. The abyssshark used to be god but now Loominite is the god

  26. I spent 900 gems on the luminite shark. And it's the best shark and the newest

  27. Hungry shark evo
    God = kraken
    hacker = abyss shark
    Pro = sharkjira
    Noob = mako shark
    Hungry shark word
    God= meca sharkjira
    Hacker=kiler whale
    Pro= megalodon
    Noob=black teef shark

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