Playing the older version of Hungry Shark Evolution IPhone Gameplay -

Playing the older version of Hungry Shark Evolution IPhone Gameplay

Daniel C
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  1. My dads old phone has this version I miss it 😢

  2. I miss the og days. It used to be so exciting to see what is after the great white but now it's lame 😭

  3. For real, the last good and also best version of h7bgryshark is moby dick update

  4. This made me cry I remember playing it when I was only 4 or 5

  5. I remembered instead of using ads to level up your stats, you use coins instead. Sooooo nostalgic!

  6. Ahh yes… This reminded me the times I played this on my ipad when I was like 5 years old.


  8. Whats the version plssss tell mee 😭😭

  9. why did they remove the rocks i played when they had them 🙁

  10. Dang this hit hard on my heart…

    Memories bring back by this video..
    Jeez I really forgot all about this

  11. the fact that you need 750000 poonts to discover special sharks but now u can just see them publicly its supposed to be top secret thing

  12. People say the old version looks better, I don't think the old one looks better but the old version will Have a special place in my heart because I grew up with it and It's pure nostalgia

  13. Only og's will remember that the megaladon was a fossil

  14. Man this design was the one i always remembered, i love this game so much.

  15. i used to be a pro leaderboard player with the best shark but i quit when they added all the goofy sharks

  16. I liked it old one, because I has the sickest song

  17. Back when the megaladon was the scariest thing in the game

  18. All the good parts of life the peek of nostalgic

  19. this is the version i started playing on😢 brings back memories

  20. For me, the day they introduced Big daddy shark, the game started it's downfall. 😢 İts really sad that this game is now one of the many p2w games out there..

  21. I remember playing this back when big daddy was still the biggest shark

  22. Dunno why they got rid of the DAILY REWARD

  23. The really old version only had up until the daddy dunk

  24. So Nostalgic I was an original OG from first release

  25. i was just think about this old shark game i used to play back in the day maybe 12-13 years ago and boyy i think this is the one but the very old version… if someone remember it lmk id love to know if this the right game i'm taking about.. it look like this but it was more simple and ig it came out for the iphone 3 or the ipod touch screen gen 1 or 2

  26. I remember 10y ago when i was 5 this was one of my first games i have ever played and when i was 7 i was laready a pro at the game getting all the sharks up untill alan, and then adding portal and stuff. Now its boring because they made the game almost similar too hungry shark world, i miss the old days when Megalodon was the strongest shark and i remeber fighting the enemy megalodon in that one place and wondered thats a huge shark but then i realized what the secret shark stone was and when i got it i was excited, which made megaldon my favorite shark, it brings excitement when they arent rivealed like they are now.

  27. Remember when the game first came out in 2012 and I asked mom to download it on her phone

  28. Bro they deleted the chess and the camera how am i gonna take my sharky a picture ane ching ching money😭😭😭😭😭

  29. As a Og on Hungry shark evolution.
    i Miss the old days playing it normally like a simple kid but now it change every thing 😓

  30. Bro you gave me so much nostalgia omg this was my favorite game as a kid thank you 🙂

  31. Older looked better and had so many great little touches like the Museum and the Relics. I honestly think it went downhill after Mr. Snappy because after him they just kept adding new sharks with very few changes in map or new enemies.

    Alan and Moby especially were huge missed opportunities. Alan should have been an alien world exclusive shark and Moby should have received his own map in the 18th century whaling era.

    New version's sharks are smaller, UI looks lame, boost bars are smaller, and multipliers are all the same after Moby Dick. The new designs are really cool but they all feel like they should be lab sharks. I will say that it's great how liberal they are with the gems nowadays.

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