SHARKJIRA evolved into MAGMAJIRA (Hungry Shark Evolution) -

SHARKJIRA evolved into MAGMAJIRA (Hungry Shark Evolution)

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The Sharkjira evolved into Magmajira Kaiju Shark in the newest update of Hungry Shark Evolution game.

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  1. Me who got 85% discount i.e. 45 diamonds

  2. 4dudyfu Getty vinayak Nagar New no one 🕐 to pay and pay and not allowed by you and pay it

  3. I remember when level 20 sharkjira existed

  4. If something like that was in real life my God

  5. Alt title: a long and big lizard turned to a short and small lizard but more powerfull

  6. When I unequip evolution form even though im more than lvl.10, sharkjira is still just stuck at lvl.10. How does he do this??

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