Sharkjira (Kaiju Shark) Unlocked - Hungry Shark Evolution -

Sharkjira (Kaiju Shark) Unlocked – Hungry Shark Evolution

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New shark the Sharkjira (Kaiju Shark) Unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution games.

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  1. I yearn for the time when I unlock Sharkjira and no longer have to worry about any other threats

  2. The amount of times they skipped the portal and fling thing got me so annoyed LOL

  3. You can call it Godzilla shark or the name of it sharkjira

  4. Bruh I want him so bad but I deleted the app a long time ago and I redownloaded it now and all I got is mako shar and 1 gem, might as well say goodbye to the discount

  5. i played this game in 2014 but unfortunately deleted in that time i dont connect google or anything so i lost my full id, but in 2021 Few days ago i download and then A offer comes 85% Offer to have sharkjira, Ok fine i have no gems so i saw
    125 ads and have 125 gems so i buy it, The offer was for 2 days, I saw 125 ads in That day when i download, And then buying sharkjira, another offer comes 85% offer 150 diamond to evolve sharkjira into magmajira so i again see 150 ads and then evolve it in one day that day i buy sharkjira again see 150 ads,, In one day i dont have to tired, In that 2014 after playing 2 years so much hard i unlock many bigger sharks but that time this evolve and sharkjira etc bigger shark doesn't belong, But now I easily in 1 day evolve + Buy it.

  6. Omg you have less gems play with the ball whan number 5 will appear you will get a gem 💎💎💎💎💎 😂😂😂😂

  7. Thank you bro now you show me how much shark driver cost his $250,000 thank you I love you

  8. Can I unlock shajria and mecha shajria now also,can I unlock it now or it will not be there😥😥

  9. Luminite shark 4.7&MechaSharkjira5.6&ShinSharkjira says:

    i dont like shark jira i want kraken

  10. Can you tell me the date from when did you got this kaiju shark

  11. Oh stupid l left godzilla now there is no sale in godzilla l am sad

  12. I love sharkjira because he is the most powerfull shark

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