SHARKNAROK SHARK vs SHARKJIRA!!! - Hungry Shark Evolution | HD -

SHARKNAROK SHARK vs SHARKJIRA!!! – Hungry Shark Evolution | HD

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There is a new shark in Hungry Shark Evolution! SHARKNAROK SHARK can summon lightning and axes!
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  1. + this how many times you have killed somebody

  2. Beaver you have 2 more missions on Empires of the undergrowth, the last mission you will see something crazy

  3. The fact that he doesn’t have the hammerhead shark 😂

  4. Hey Beaves, I’ve been meaning to make this comment for a while. You don’t know me but I certainly know you, the British man-child with a goofy laugh (of your own account). I’m not sure if it has been the direction of your content or me growing older yet I’ve stopped watching in the last year or so. And I just wanted to say thank you, you… inspired my thirst for dinosaurs at an age where most kids lose it, you really shaped my interests and who I am today, thanks to you I know and have always known what my calling is; Paleontology, Archeology etc. You made it fun and cool to like dinosaurs. I was there with you when Owen Grady was fighting Majungosaurus in the battle arena and when Smudge was taking on the hardships of adulthood. I just wanted to say thank you.

  5. It is about time they expand the map! We need more regions!

  6. Bevers Where's jurassic world alive

  7. I challenge you the gaming beaver to beat my high score in hungry shark on the quest for the small sharks for the highest score possible in one round with any type of small shark my high score is 2,537,000 and if you do ever manage to beat my high score I'll just beat the one you make if I know you cannot defeat the challenge

  8. May you please play empires of the undergrowth?

  9. Jurassic world the game new hybrid coming soon

  10. please add me into ur alliance in jw alive gaming beave im a big fan of you

  11. My highest score with that shark is a little over 1.2 billion. I already completed all the missions, and maxed him out a few days ago. Definitely my new favorite shark. I really liked his tail physics. A lot better than behemoth.

  12. For the Godzilla shark I had to watch 120 adds to get it 1add for 1dimand

  13. I have a tip for you for that new shark if you save the thunderstorm ability you will need the gold rush ability and once the music is almost done you need to activate the thunderstorm ability ok and you will get the axe for free without the gold rush ability of the enemies biting you just try because i tried it and it works if it doesn't work it's not my problem it works for me

  14. Maih max score voeht the Great wiht vode 50m ad ay am from Serbia

  15. There's a new shark in hungry shark world

  16. i thought the tentacle drill of kraken are have no effect on that new shark im wrong because kraken are still the sea beast that can eat anything including shark-narok…🐙🐙🐙

  17. I havnt played this game in a while. Was he killing real player sharks like the Alan shark at the beginning or are those npcs

  18. Remind me what country do you live in or moved into?

  19. I last watched thid dude when he had 907k subs

  20. Its been so long since u beat ur highscrore pls try to beat it in the longest time and try to get 1 Billion

  21. Sharknarok is like ragnarok the name on the movie thor:ragnarock

  22. Wait a second souldn't this shark suppose to be on 2023 instead they release it at 2022???

  23. I really love this game it is so good and can never make me bord

  24. i think they use the same modle to make new sharks in the game

  25. there is a new level in empires of the undergrowth

  26. I thought they moved to hsw they are still updating Evo that's great 😀

  27. I have too many coins in under the hungry shark hehehehe

  28. I started playing this game when Mr. Snappy was the best shark in the game! Now they’ve added 10 more new sharks since then.

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