SHARKNAROK unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution -

SHARKNAROK unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution

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The Sharknarok (Sea Serpent) unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution game.


  1. I got this for 125 gems such great deal it was 85 percent off

  2. I have till to Behemoth shark only 😭😭

  3. when i started the game the last shark was big daddy

  4. Bug detectedSharknarok's final mission still locked. I completed 8 missions

  5. This shark's ability is just… Broken simply. This a gold collecting machine more than a shark.

  6. nice video and also im still grinding to get tht new shark even tho i already have alot of coins and 650 gems my behemoth is still lvl 7:v

  7. Do you need to update cause it’s not in my game

  8. Why is not in my game ? Need to uptade or wat?

  9. I just hate it like there's no gems in Helicopter and Robo Shark nowadays

  10. Oooooooop bhai very nice 👍👍👌🙂 video

  11. !!!😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  12. This is so disappointing that Behemoth and Magmajira are still stronger and better

  13. I tried to watch the ads for 125 fucking time and then i got this monster, This game made me sick

  14. 🦈🎮✌💯👏😍❤💕👌👌🤝

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