SHARKNAROK vs BEHEMOTH in Hungry Shark Evolution -

SHARKNAROK vs BEHEMOTH in Hungry Shark Evolution

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The Sharknarok (Sea Serpent) and the Behemoth in Hungry Shark Evolution game.


  1. Bc i like the sharknarok it got thunders awake so is more better the betemoth is cool too it got lasers on it mouth

  2. Shark narok is more better and powerful😊

  3. Behemoth is better gameplay wise and has better powers

  4. But sharknarok can eat enemy behemoths mean he is gonna win

  5. Everyone talking about Sharknarok or Behemoth which one is stronger.Me : RELEASE THE KRAKEN !!!!!

  6. In the game sharknarok is better but if they fight 1v1 behemoth would win since he is stronger

  7. When I play hungry shark evolution it just kicks me out the game and says " Unfortunately,hungry shark evolution has stopped" so I can't play it

  8. Bruh sharknarok win because she last shark than behemoth

  9. In my opinion behemoth had to be stronger than sharknarok

  10. Currently using Behemoth to purchase the Sharknarok lol 😅.

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