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Spending $1000 Upgrading The Rarest Shark

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I Spent $1000 Upgrading Sharks For You

Money well spent if you ask me. I evolved a shark so powerful that I ate everything in the ocean with no issues. I guess that’s what happens when you spend large amounts of money to win easily.

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  1. "You Roasted Us"
    "Unsub Now"
    "Or Unlike More like YOU ARE UNLIKING YOU'RESELD"

  2. Y'all know y'all can just download a mod

  3. A shark with freaking laser beams on its head!

  4. Me who bought the hack version seriously?

  5. Soooo, we all didn't just get apk mods for if gems?

  6. Never spent a dime and maxed out everything feel bad for people who don’t grind

  7. There’s a thing called lucky patcher look it up. It hacks the game so you don’t spend irl money on it.

  8. First i did not know you could upgrade sharks i only thought you could get new ones so when i figured it out i had 670 m withought spending and i went crazy

  9. if y’all think hungry shark is fun, check out maneater

  10. lol this dude dont realize u can get this sharks for free with apks and such

  11. I unlocked all of that using lucky patcher..

  12. You know this game is very easy to hack you don’t need to spend actual money

  13. I spent too much money upgrading big tiDdie/ big booty waifus on Destiny Child.

    And I’ll fuckin do it again.

  14. As a kid I cheesed my way to Big Mama (3rd biggest shark at the time): basically when it was on offer and required gems even if you didnt get to the megalodon, I found out that ads that give you gems didnt have a limit to how much you can play them, and you could watch them continously, so I played for hours on end on my brother's Xbox while clicking the watch ad button with my foot 💀

  15. And i just risked downloading a virus to get the shark for free when i was 9 💀💀

  16. Lol just use hacks don’t need to spend any real money

  17. i remember playing this game when i was younger we had the lucky patcher app to hack it and we had unlimited money soo i had the best sharks with the best uppgrades without spending a dime

  18. Dude u can get like all this with ₹99 play pass for free

  19. Me: using game gurdian to hack coins and gems😂😂

  20. There used to be a glitch we’re you could tap on buying gems swipe out and it would say transaction pending after you put in your finger print than when you went back in you would have a bunch of gems. Me and my friends would do this glitch a lot so we got to get the latest sharks at the time which was the Godzilla shark

  21. One time the Godzilla shark was on-sale a few years ago and you could buy it no matter what sharks you had or what level. So I spent 10 hours of my life watching ads until I got it, and let me say I had a hell of a time.

  22. When I was young I hacked this game on my android and got all the sharks this brings back memories!

  23. ok so who's gonna tell him that he could just download a hacked version of the game?..

  24. 11 year old me who downloaded an apk version that had everything unlocked 💀

  25. I did this spending $0 with cheats lol

  26. you just wasted money. you can just cheat the gold on this game by adjusting the date. you get the daily gold. i got almost all the sharks in this game. i got bored already

  27. Bro, using bought coins and gems to use on the early sharks is stupid, we all know that you should use them for the way bigger ones!

  28. Bruh never heard of lucky patcher😂

  29. POV: Me using skipping Time to get Daily Prices

  30. You know that you can play this game on a emulator on pc and just use cheat engine to get coins right?

  31. Lmao and here i hacked the game to get those sharks

  32. You sound like my best home x420xstoneynano shout out broski 🙌 DeMi here

  33. I wonder spending close to $400 is good enough for a million view video just curious

  34. Bro spend so much while there is a mod of the game 💀

  35. Everyone watching this felt nostalgic 100%

  36. This game is on play pass which makes all purchases free… So you load up the game and unlock the final shark with EVERY upgrade and you'll get bored of the game within 5 minutes, which just means its a lazy and bad game

  37. I have that shit cracked on my grandma Android with everything evolved and maxed for free

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