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Spending $1000 Upgrading The Rarest Shark

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I Spent $1000 Upgrading Sharks For You

Money well spent if you ask me. I evolved a shark so powerful that I ate everything in the ocean with no issues. I guess that’s what happens when you spend large amounts of money to win easily.

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  1. Man all I hear is Dr. evil is there a shark with a freaking laserbeam

  2. Totally like I didn’t glitch a similar amount of gems for free 👀

  3. I have get it in 1 day, with out hacks and money lol, using a bug, changing days and getting rewards then un an get 900 gems

  4. I get shinmentakezo vibes from your voice

  5. Me just installing the modded game worth 100k dollars and just transferring the data on a fb account

  6. 1000$? I just downloaded from happy mod got everything

  7. Me who downloads the game cheated: wait you spent what now?!

  8. me who always downloads hacked version:👁️👄👁️

  9. I downloaded mod apk free unlimited games and gold

  10. Thanks for playing this game so I don’t have to

  11. i remember grinding this game soooooooooo much

  12. Showed up on recommended 1 year later, but I hope he realized after a year that games like that usually have an apk mod which will give gems and currency, so anyone spending money on games like that is waisting money

  13. You can change your date in option to get daily rewards infinity

  14. Bro I just go online get search apk mod hungry shark and get unlimited money

  15. If you get thw cracked version and sign in your Facebook, you can keep the 14 million gems and gold

  16. Dude just download a modded version if you're gonna cheat with money bought gems

  17. Back in the day I found a glitch and you could get free cash I found the glitch accidentally it’s a shame the game removed it

  18. DF just said “Fuck it! I’m spending my life savings”

  19. he is playing one of the classics! he is the messiah!

  20. Me who got every shark fro free in 2 days with the daily reward glitch:ahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  21. I am not to sure why in the world I just watched a person spend a crapload of money on a bunch of unnecessary microtransactions but it was actually kind of entertaining somehow lmao

  22. Him: spending loads of money on this game
    Me: casually downloading the game through happy mod so that I have unlimited of everything

  23. Me laughing in the corner downloading modded app

  24. i have seen 2 dark souls references in this video and they were both player names

  25. Meanwhile some 11 yrs old is currently downloading the modded version.

  26. Lol just imagine spending 1k when u get get the mod for free🤣
    Lucky patcher for life

  27. Why not just download a cracked version of the game?

  28. Bro you can get all of those for free just crack the game

  29. Salvation is found in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ loves you all

  30. Imagine spending $1000 when I got everything for free LP is the best

  31. I got all sharks free and I didnt use any microtransactions and got all these sharks in a month

  32. What about downloading a cracked version bruh💀💀💀

  33. why spend 1000 dollars on a game ? even the most expensive AAA game is at 100+ at most.

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