THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK EVOLUTION. All Sharks Size Comparison [Season 2] Magmajira Update -

THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK EVOLUTION. All Sharks Size Comparison [Season 2] Magmajira Update

Revx Gaming
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Season 2 Sharks Size Comparison for Hungry Shark Evolution including Darkhammer, Lord Snappy & Magmajira.
Revx Gaming is the first channel making Sharks Size Comparison for Hungry Shark World and Hungry Shark Evolution.

The purpose making this video to show all sharks size in this game.
Also show who is the biggest sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution.
All sharks have been carefully measured to get the most accurate size.
All sharks max level, the measure only valid if all sharks has reached max level.
I make all new animation for this video because I’m not satisfied with previous animation.
The measure for biggest shark based on head and body volume not including fins or legs.

I hope this video can give useful information about all sharks size in Hungry Shark Evolution.
It took a week for finish this video. Thanks for watching.

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All Sharks :
Reef Shark
Mako Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Tiger Shark
Great White Shark
Big Daddy
Mr. Snappy
Moby Dick
Lord Snappy

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. Magmajira and sharkjira being able to walk on land: Its free real estate

  2. Why did they make Magmajira smaller than Sharkjira like bruh- 💀

  3. The size of sharks Are soo big but it's not

  4. Why hammerhead is more powerful than megalodon

  5. YES I 1ST LET'S GOOO!!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  6. Keep I’m going back to work tomorrow Sáng

  7. I lost all my progress but I discovered a bug now I have magmajira but in return I can never get prizes from the daily login ever again

  8. That’s actually genius u used a cloaking device to get a clip of three humans

  9. These sharks are smaller and bigger than the sharks in the game

  10. Dunkleosteus was 20 feet and weighed over 1 ton

  11. Sharkjira isn’t in hungry shark evolution

  12. I knew Megalodon is Bigger than Dunkleosteus! A little bit… and also weak but Bigger.

  13. or you can just go in the game and see the same result 🤦

  14. Lord snappy in game description says 16m and Mr snappy is 13m

  15. Bruh this Is fake Luminite (italian name) Is leght 16.5 in the game

  16. It's also god to compare the sharks with the boat

  17. Upload Hungry shark world sharks size in next update shark

  18. Longest shark
    19 Reef shark
    18 Mako shark
    17 Hammerhead shark
    16 Tiger shark
    15 Dark Hammer
    14 great white shark
    13 Mr snappy
    12 Big daddy
    11 Kraken
    10 Megalodon shark
    9 Lord snappy
    8 Leo
    7 Alan
    6 Nessie
    5 Moby dick
    4 Abysshark
    3 magmajira
    2 luminite
    1 sharkjira

  19. why hungry shark evolution is fast die if hungry shark world not fast die i don,t know why

  20. Hammerhead shark is not bigger than megalodon

  21. Why no special sharks and shar khan, aaron , abbbysaraus Rex and behemoth

  22. Real Size:
    Reef Shark
    Lenght: 4m Height: 1,6m
    Tiger Shark
    Lenght: 6m Height: 2,3m
    Great White Shark
    Lenght: 8,2m Height: 3,3m
    Lenght: 15m Height: 5,2m
    Hammerhead Shark
    Lenght: 6,5m Height: 2,2m
    Lenght: 7,5m Height:4m
    Big Daddy
    Lenght: 14,7m Height: 5m
    Lenght: 15,4m Height 3,1m
    Moby Dick
    Lenght: 18m Height: 6,3m
    Lenght: 17m Height: 5,5m
    Mr. Snappy
    Lenght: 13,2m Height: 3,2m
    Lord Snappy
    Lenght: ~17m Height: 5,25m
    Lenght: 19,2m Height: 4,27m
    Lenght: 21,2m Height: 7,3m
    Lenght: 15m Height: 7,2m
    Lenght: 24,3m Height: 5,34m
    Lenght: 25,5m Height: 10m
    Lenght: 35,5m Height: 12m

  23. So the question is is how did shark jira manage to shrink whenever you became magma shark jira

    Like I guess it could be a evolution to whereby shrinking his body he was able to condense his energy and fire it more effectively but still that's pretty strange that he managed to shrink like that

  24. ❤❤❤❤❤❤🙄🧐😒🤬😖

  25. You guys forget hammer head shark

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