THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK EVOLUTION. All Sharks Size Comparison [Season 3] Sharknarok Update -

THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK EVOLUTION. All Sharks Size Comparison [Season 3] Sharknarok Update

Revx Gaming
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Season 3 Sharks Size Comparison for Hungry Shark World including Shar-Khan, Aaron, Abyssaurus, Behemoth & Sharknarok.
Revx Gaming is the first channel making Sharks Size Comparison for Hungry Shark World and Hungry Shark Evolution.

The purpose making this video to show all sharks size in this game.
Also show who is the biggest sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution.
All sharks have been carefully measured to get the most accurate size.
All sharks max level, the measure only valid if all sharks has reached max level.
The measure for biggest shark based on head and body volume not including fins or legs.

I hope this video can give useful information about all sharks size in Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution Size Comparison Level 1 vs Level 20

Hungry Shark World on Google Play.

All Sharks :
Reef Shark
Mako Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Tiger Shark
Great White Shark
Big Daddy
Mr. Snappy
Moby Dick
Lord Snappy

Music: In-Game Music

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  1. Uhm, are you sure Moby Dick it's the biggest one? 'Cause Sharknarok's tail seems longer…
    (I unlock him by the way.)

  2. Luminite still the biggest shark in hse

  3. Is moby dick that big when you reach lvl 10 with him?

  4. Amigo te faltaron los tiburones especiales los podrías agregar en el próximo video de comparaciones por favor 🙏🙂

  5. Sorry but whales are mammals not sharks lolol they should change the name to hungry sea animals more accurate

  6. Jesus said, "I Am The Way , The Truth, And The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."✝️Turn to Jesus If you want to.

  7. Everyine knows that luminite is the largest

  8. Revx never fails to make accurate presentations of the sizes of the sharks in HSE, keep up the great work dude! You're always updated with stuff 🙂

  9. I remenber before magmajira was 17'5meter by the game and old moby dick was 45meter💀💀☠☠☠

  10. What is the difference between hungry shark evolution and hungry shark world?

  11. Revx, i can't wait to see your temnodontosaurus video

  12. Why is Moby dick a shark it's a whale right?

  13. Meg is very small only 40 feet. Change name game. Coz not is shark game only. Big daddy is big and meg not eat 😂😂😂😂 these game logic 😂😂😂

  14. The fact the biggest shark is not even technically a shark

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