THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK WORLD. All Sharks Size Comparison [Season 3] Abyssal Shark -

THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK WORLD. All Sharks Size Comparison [Season 3] Abyssal Shark

Revx Gaming
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Season 3 Sharks Size Comparison for Hungry Shark World including Abyssal Shark, Shin Sharkjira, Cosmic Alan, Veteran Great White, Legendary Great White & Nurse Shark.
Revx Gaming is the first channel making Sharks Size Comparison for Hungry Shark World and Hungry Shark Evolution.

The purpose making this video to show all sharks size in this game.
Also show who is the biggest sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution.
All sharks have been carefully measured to get the most accurate size.
All sharks max level, the measure only valid if all sharks has reached max level.
The measure for biggest shark based on head and body volume not including fins or legs.

I hope this video can give useful information about all sharks size in Hungry Shark Evolution.
It took a week for finish this video. Thanks for watching.

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All Sharks:
Blacktip Reef
Whitetip Reef
Blue Shark
Sand Shark
Smooth Hammerhead
Bull Shark
Goblin Shark
Great Hammerhead
Tiger Shark
Basking Shark
Whale Shark
Great White
The Frenzy
Big Momma
Killer Whale
Atomic Shark
Zombie Shark
Mr Snappy
Robo Shark
Dark Magic Shark
Ancient Megalodon
Alpha Zombie Shark
Meltdown Shark
Mecha Sharkjira
Shin Sharkjira
Cosmic Alan
Veteran Great White
Legendary Great White
Nurse Shark
Abyssal Shark

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  1. First, I am the smallest Apex Sharks of all members Mutant Sharks.
    Because Abyssal Shark is thin.

  2. Today is my Half Older brother's birthday!!
    Also Alan Becker's Animation vs Minecraft Episode 29 will be called Note Block Universe! Coming out July 30th 2022.

  3. Shin Sharkjira is the biggest member of Apex Shark from Hungry Shark World.

  4. I still have veteran great white, legendary great white and nurse shark

  5. Wow. Big Momma it's still the biggest? I honestly expect Shin Sharkjira, but okay.

  6. Wow big momma is so big i cannot believe it

  7. シ︎_𝐂𝐀𝐒𝐂𝐎 𝐕𝐈_シ︎ says:

    Dude nurse shark didn't leak in hungry shark world

  8. Size: No: Name:
    2m. 1. Blacktip Reef
    2m. 2. Whitetip Reef
    2,4m 3. Porbeagle
    2,6m 4. Blue Shark
    2,9m 5. Spike
    3,5m 6. Sand Shark
    4,2m 7. Thresher
    4,4m 8. Smooth Hammerhead
    4,6m 9. Heidi
    4,9m 10. Bull Shark
    5,2m 11. Goblin Shark
    5,3m 12. Mako
    5,7m 13. Nurse Shark
    5,9m 14. Echo
    6,2m 15. Great Hammerhead
    6,3m 16. Megamouth
    6,6m 17. Tiger Shark
    6,6m 18. Drago
    6,7m 19. Basking Shark
    6,7m 20. Whale Shark
    7m 21. Great White
    7,1m 22. The Frenzy
    7,3m 23. Megalodon
    7,5m 24. Legendary Great White
    7,9m 25. Big Momma
    8,4m 26. Killer Whale
    8,5m 27. Atomic Shark
    8,7m 28. Zombie Shark
    9m. 29. Buzz
    9,2m 30. Mr. Snappy
    9,3m 31. Veteran Great White
    9,7m 32. Robo Shark
    10m 33. Dark Magic Shark
    11m 34. Ancient Megalodon
    12m 35. Alpha Zombie Shark
    13m 36. Meltdown Shark
    14m 37. Mecha Sharkjira
    14m 38. Shin Sharkjira
    14m 39. Abissal Shark
    16m 40. Cosmic Alan

  9. مابيلا جيمنج Mabella Gaming says:

    Very nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  10. So sharkjira in hsw is 9m and sharkjira in hse is 15m i have a theory that sharkjira from hsw is the baby sharkjira in hse

  11. i hate chrome because it serious megalodon is the biggest

  12. O nurse shark é os outros dois tubarões da parte esquerda da capa do vídeo foram excluidos? É que eu não vi eles no jogo

  13. Bruh please tell me how do you get the new sharks veteran shark and that dragon great white shark and the. The new shark

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