THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK WORLD. All Sharks Size Comparison & The Longest Shark [Season 1] -

THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK WORLD. All Sharks Size Comparison & The Longest Shark [Season 1]

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The First Sharks Size Comparison for Hungry Shark World.
The Biggest Shark in Hungry Shark World. Sharks Size Comparison & Longest Shark

The measurement like Hungry Shark Evolution based on head and body volume not including fins or legs.

Hungry Shark World on Android.

The process making this video is a little late than scheduled.
I got fever and cough last week, so I tried to rest for a few days.
Now I am 100% in good condition.

I realized there is an unique design for shark in Hungry Shark World that can’t be find in Hungry Shark Evolution.
Mostly caudal fin (fin in tail) in Hungry Shark World very tall and exceeded dorsal fin (fin in upper body).
While in all sharks Hungry Shark Evolution the caudal fin don’t exceed dorsal fin.

All Sharks:
Blacktip Reef
Whitetip Reef
Blue Shark
Sand Shark
Smooth Hammerhead
Bull Shark
Goblin Shark
Great Hammerhead
Tiger Shark
Basking Shark
Whale Shark
Great White
The Frenzy
Big Momma
Killer Whale
Atomic Shark
Zombie Shark
Mr Snappy
Robo Shark
Dark Magic Shark

Music: In-Game Music

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  1. Great video but i think that killer whale is 1.

  2. Bruh whale shark is the largest living shark I can't agree that basking shark is bigger than whale shark and megalodon is the biggest shark ever

  3. And for the real deal megalodon is bigger than big momma dunkleosteus big momma is an arthrodire group of a placoderms

  4. I’m not sure in rl that an orca is bigger than the meg but in the game the meg is super small the meg in rl is bigger than that

  5. hey revx gaming
    you can make a video of the ancestral or supreme sharks of the length of each one

  6. Megldon: aw man i got 2ad place and 3ard place Big momma: i win thats why they call me Big momma i'm the momma of all the sharks

  7. 1:11 The Species of Thresher Shark actually a

    Pelagic Thresher

  8. mosasaurus in real life could eat great whites in one swallow

  9. mr snapy : why am i smaller the zombie and meg 🙁
    zombie : its because your to long your problebly as long just like big momma
    meg : thats correct you cant even swallow great whites
    mr snapy : you two need to watch the first jurassic world movie

  10. mr snapy : yes finally as long as meg even longer then zombie 😀

  11. so mr snapy got 9th for biggest but 4th for longest

  12. Hey Missing Mecha Sharkjira
    Mecha Sharkjira
    Have Meters Very Highs

  13. Uioojtrws fo l Pattinson

  14. jjjjjhhvdddddddddddtbguijkö.

  15. the atomic shark is pretty small to be a !! shark. he fits the xL or xxL sharks

  16. the Megalodon is 17 to 23 meters duhhhhuhuh
    you made the sharks look like 1.7 times smaller they need to be 1.7 times bigger but you did well 3.85

  17. The sharks in this game feel smaller than hungry shark evolution

  18. Big momma is under sized the dunkleostus female is 13.5m at minimum

  19. My boy the killer whale is under sized its supposed to be 32ft in length

  20. I thought it was just going to be a normal game we grind we get new shark and grind again but it’s much more than that it’s just amazing

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