THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK WORLD. All Sharks Size Comparison & The Longest Shark [Season 1] -

THE BIGGEST SHARK IN HUNGRY SHARK WORLD. All Sharks Size Comparison & The Longest Shark [Season 1]

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The First Sharks Size Comparison for Hungry Shark World.
The Biggest Shark in Hungry Shark World. Sharks Size Comparison & Longest Shark

The measurement like Hungry Shark Evolution based on head and body volume not including fins or legs.

Hungry Shark World on Android.

The process making this video is a little late than scheduled.
I got fever and cough last week, so I tried to rest for a few days.
Now I am 100% in good condition.

I realized there is an unique design for shark in Hungry Shark World that can’t be find in Hungry Shark Evolution.
Mostly caudal fin (fin in tail) in Hungry Shark World very tall and exceeded dorsal fin (fin in upper body).
While in all sharks Hungry Shark Evolution the caudal fin don’t exceed dorsal fin.

All Sharks:
Blacktip Reef
Whitetip Reef
Blue Shark
Sand Shark
Smooth Hammerhead
Bull Shark
Goblin Shark
Great Hammerhead
Tiger Shark
Basking Shark
Whale Shark
Great White
The Frenzy
Big Momma
Killer Whale
Atomic Shark
Zombie Shark
Mr Snappy
Robo Shark
Dark Magic Shark

Music: In-Game Music

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  1. I don’t think people should live in places where whale sharks have a reason to eat humans.
    And can have laser eyes and fly.

  2. moby dick is the biggest shark in all of the shark in ebolution and world.

  3. there are 3 more sharks in hungry shark world ancient megalodon alpha zombie shark and meltdown shark

  4. You forgot the ncient megalodon and alhpa zombie shark

  5. Oof tge alphas are not their but big mommas is here

  6. dark magic is longer than that tho he looks too small👍👍

  7. Whale​ shark​ is​ bigger​ than​ basking​ shark​ dude

  8. Big momma is the biggest shark i ever see

  9. I remember when Megalodon was the last shark in Hungry Shark World

  10. HSW Megalodon:"10 m"
    Real life megalodon:" am I a joke to you?"

  11. Actually mosasaurus is oversized but dunkleosteuss length is 20 feet in real so i think ubisoft taked reality bit weird:D hope megalodon will be bigger some time😣
    Edit: irl megalodon is undersized soo much

  12. The big momma won both of them!??!

  13. Probably the APEX/OP sharks are the longest
    ( my opinion )

  14. Also people believe the Megalodon is 56-59m(?) ( 49FT )

  15. Can I get pinned and hearted please BTW nice vid

  16. Great white is oversized and meg and killer whale and whale shark are undersized

  17. I have seen the New update but in it will need to update in mines but I have to talk to

  18. I know the toxic Sharks Anshun Megalodon alpha zombie shark Mount down shark

  19. I like drago in the game i play hungry shark in pd4

  20. New prey and Hunting Target by size in Hungry Shark World Coming soon:

    1). Ocean Sun Fish (need M shark
    2). Oarfish (need XXL shark)
    3). Beaked Whale (need XL shark)
    4). Sperm Whale (Need XXL shark)
    5). Humpback Whale (need XL Shark)
    6). Manta Ray (need L shark
    7). Octopus (need S Shark)
    8). Starfish (XS can)
    9). Nautilus (XS shark
    10). Manatee (Need M Shark)
    11). Walrus (Need M Shark)
    12). Sea Lion (Need M Shark)
    13). Mackerel (XS can)
    14). Dugong (need M Shark)
    15). Halibut (XS Can)
    16). Sea Snake (need L Shark)
    17). Gulper Eel (Need M Shark)
    18). Hump Head Wrasse (need m shark)
    19). Guitarfish (need S Shark)
    20). Viper Fish (Need S Shark)
    21). Seahorse (XS can)
    22). Lobster (XS can)
    23). Shrimp (XS can)
    24). Polar Bear (Need L Shark)
    25). Giant Siphonophore (Need !! Shark)
    26). Beluga Whale (need M Shark)
    28). Moon Fish (XS can)
    29). Parrot Fish (XS can)
    30). Marine Iguana (Need S Shark).

  21. Changeling Shark is a new fictional species in hungry shark World. It can disguise as a player shark, and player shark will eaten except for xl shark. It have a black skin like, all fins is clear blue, have a tongue like a snake, and blue eyes.

  22. Did you guys know that the zombie shark is actually the megalodon but zombiefied

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