The Scariest Monster in Hungry Shark: Megalodon -
The Scariest Monster in Hungry Shark Megalodon

The Scariest Monster in Hungry Shark: Megalodon

What is it that attracts thousands of players to enjoy the series? The graphics are indeed fine. Plus the adventures are stuffed with various missions and hard-to-reach goals. But the cherry on top is the variety of finely drawn beasts. With their individual traits and abilities, they make you attached to each of them. But the most legendary one is Hungry Shark Megalodon. Let’s find out why.

Aggressive Outlook

Aggressive Outlook

Now an extinct species, the giant could reach 15-30 meters long in real life. It appears in several game installations and is considered one of the strongest creatures. With a grey back and white belly, it has scars all over and looks impressive.

How to unlock Hungry Shark Megalodon?

In HS Evolution, the creature is available after leveling up Great White Shark to L10. But make sure you have enough coins to purchase it – 50.000.

In HS World, the beast is on the last size tier. So, you first unlock all sea predators on every level to get it. And save a pretty sum for the purchase – 400.000 coins.

Really an Ideal Character?

It indeed is one of the most powerful skins in the games. It devours almost any enemy and easily deals with mines (simply by swallowing them). But it has a couple of flaws:

  • Too big for narrow tunnels. Valuable items are often hidden in difficult-to-reach zones. While enemies aren’t a problem, the inability to swim in tight passages is a nuisance.
  • Needs too many points to trigger Gold Rush. It is a short period when the predator gets multiplied in-game currency by eating golden prey. But to launch it, it needs to earn some bonuses first. Megalodon in HS Evolution requires 125.000, which is a lot, while the beast in HS World – 250.000.
  • Always wants to eat. Its sizes make it munch other creatures without long pauses. Otherwise, it dies from starvation.

Hungry Shark Megalodon is definitely a good companion and fun to control. Unlocking it is a challenge. But very rewarding!

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