THE SHARK IS COMING - Hungry Shark World -

THE SHARK IS COMING – Hungry Shark World

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Eat until you die in Hungry Shark World!

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Hungry Shark is available on iOS and Android!



  1. Matt u dont have to eat gold fish for gold rush its just points

  2. Matt it is gold cus if u kill it u get gold when ur gold rush if full everything turns to gold

  3. It's a shame I already have this game…;(

  4. It gives the same thing without the cinematic shot in hungry shark evolution too

  5. my friend has this game he got a friend to hack it

  6. I went to the link and came back just to support matts channel

  7. Hungry shark world says it doesn't support my device. But my device should support it according to the game description

  8. Matt did you know that there is a vent that lets go to a swimming pool

  9. what type of phone or tablet do you have Matt, the graphics are not as good as mine on my phone

  10. this is just like hungry shark eveloution! :DDD

  11. Can I still use the link now in this time?

  12. Your my favorite YouTuber!!! love your channel!!!

  13. matt did you know that there are more than one small shark

  14. There is game called hungry shark evolution.

  15. Even the tiny shark is a big NOPE I'm scared to watch him unlock more…


    As quoted by Markiplier "FUCK THE OCEAN"

    Thank God sharks don't fly

    Omfg the poor humans

    Even as a bird in not touching the ocean

    (Yes I hate sharks but I'm against killing them. We have dangerous animals we just have to respect them and stay away from them)

    "And more screaming" *laughs*. I think Matt is a serial killer in the making.

  16. Airai State Treasury and Finance DOST&F says:

    Matt i already have a shark that is already like a gene element and its called an Alpha Zombie Shark and it infects other sharks and makes them its minions.

  17. Can you play hungry shark evolution pls

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