These 3 Pitches Will Make You HUNGRY | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global -

These 3 Pitches Will Make You HUNGRY | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

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Here are some food pitches that will make you super hungry!

00:09 – Peanut Butter Pump [S11 EP07]
08:00 – Slice of Sauce [S12 EP10]
17:44 – Pans [S12 EP06]

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These 3 Pitches Will Make You HUNGRY | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global


  1. Ive never put Peanut Butter in the fridge, in Australia summers temps reaches to the high 40's where I live, still even in summer my Peanut Butter never goes into the fridge.

  2. This is more for large users, like sandwich shops, bakeries, but for home no-way.

  3. I just don’t get slice of sauce. Yea it’s in the go but what am I going to use it with oN The go? The only thing I could think of is a sandwich which would require it e me to put ingredients in separates bags just to assemble it on the go.

    If I really needed ketchup I have so many packets in teh fridge from takeout that I could bring for free lol

  4. Dude if your making a mess with peanut butter go commit yourself..

  5. Commercial peanut butter doesn’t go in the refrigerator

  6. As a member of the community Kevin is absolutely right. One of the main reason he is a key figure with it

  7. Am I totally crazy or was the peanut butter pump actually brilliant and I’m shocked none of the sharks thought it was? The guy having spent his crowdfunder’s money and not even have a second physical prototype to hand the sharks is sketchy though.

  8. I’m a place where one of the biggest allergies are but allergies, the first one can help restaurant and people prevent cross contamination

  9. he didnt go far enough….Peanut Butter IV's!! thats the future

  10. Who the heck puts peanut butter fridge ? You can’t even spread it when it’s that cold .

  11. Btw I’m lazy
    I love squeezable Mayo and jam are on the market I have not seen peanut butter

  12. Went directly to google for that mushroom Jerky after seeing their reaction. $27/4 on Amazon! I'd love to run into it at a grocery store though.

  13. They should have taken his peanut butter idea it would definitely say parents times in the mornings making their kids sandwiches that consist of peanut butter and jelly would definitely saying need time in the morning The 4 works since I have plans after work that day to go picnic with friends would save me so much time instead of getting up earlier

  14. Slice of sauce was weird. I LOVE sauce!! I am very saucy. I want extra extra sauce. I don't want my sauce to look like a fruit roll up

  15. The first two products honestly sound like garbage honestly..
    The peanut butter pump is likely only able to pump watery peanut butter.
    The condiment slices are just nasty.. I don't want to put a fruit roll-up on my sandwich. I'm not a child anymore…
    The jerky sounds alright..

  16. Man why did they have to do my man’s Andy like that, where’s this peanut butter pump link smh

  17. I’d buy the peanut butta pump and I’m allergic to peanuts

  18. My Dad needs this for his peanut butter on crackers👍

  19. As I'm watching this video, I just ordered a bag of all three flavours of Pan's Mushroom Jerky.

  20. Seeing Mr. Wonderful rep the online community of peanut butter connoisseurs is something I never knew I needed

  21. i would NEVER do a royalty…………. this guy is a joke

  22. I’m buying the pump. They missed out on something great. Very good idea

  23. Bruh he’s a billionaire!!!!! I would go with mark too

  24. Mark to Kevin….I’m so sick and tired of your peanut butter arrogance! 💀
    Ohh, first post of 2022


  26. Loved the last clip. The guy was so overwhelmed, I probably would’ve chosen the two sharks especially after she went to 15%, but I’m sure he and his business will do great regardless.

  27. lol channel name is global but only show US footage 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. It's all the investors said ooooh. When they said pre revenue, then they told Alex to say it too

  29. Shawty is the alpha in that relationship. She’s also giving me self lord of the rings elf vibes

  30. I mean it’s SHARK tank for a reason. They’re going to tear some people to shredsssss 😂😢

  31. Mushroom guy got it wrong, Mark at 18 vs Blake and Lori at maybe 25, or Lori at 15 were both better options than Mark. Mark has too much on his plate but has the name recognition. Blake is right, he's main focus would have been to get the business blown up with Lori's help

  32. I always hate to see them make their offer conditional on not hearing any other offers. If they are that scared of what someone else will offer, it must be really bad for the investee. I hope if I ever am in that situation, I have the presence of mind to tell them to go trip over a knife if they think I'm gonna play their games.

  33. Does anyone remember the cross-dressing strippers cross-dressing girlfriend from Dude Where's My Car?

    Husband in the second clip

  34. The logic that you shouldn’t refrigerate peanut butter because it gets hard is weak. Just take it out 10min before you need to use it! Also, some nut butters do say not to refrigerate though, just read the label

  35. "…I just downloaded a sandwich…"
    Lol was that this guy's attempt at making himself seem more relatable? Like "oh he said download!! I download things!"

  36. Problem is he should not pitch his brand more or so the device itself. Major brands can easily mimic.

  37. The peanut butter pump is actually a good idea. He should’ve talked about the spreading nozzle option more.

  38. should of gone with llori on the last deal I think

  39. Can't dip your fries in sheet ketchup, though.

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