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Top 10 strongest sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution
The Rules in Top 10 Strongest Hungry Shark Evolution :
– Only Playable Sharks With Permanent Level
– All Sharks Max Level
– Skill Already Activated
– No Gold Rush
– No Equipment
– Only Babies Their Own Kind
– The Battle Start with Each Sharks at Far Left & Far Right Screen

Hungry Shark Evolution on Android.

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. Megalodon should be the strongest one because in real life it was the deadliest predator to ever exist

  2. i remember the megeladon ate everything in his way

  3. If you reach the big daddy to 10 level that is will be giant

  4. Sharkjira is number 1 because his ability is capable of destroying anything.

  5. Me thinking my my Liopleurodon is the the strongest because it can break thorough walls
    Me watching 10:51 🙁

  6. Tentacle Saw+unlimited stamina=beyblade

  7. I am too much gold rush and too rich becouse of electro shark!

  8. Remember those good old days when we only played this game and megalodon was the only and strongest shark of them all?

  9. I once ate the 10th fish- at the start..

  10. Yea ofc it is The King Of The Monster.. NAMEDDDDDD MAGMAJIRA, For me

  11. Kraken is better than Lumintie and Sharkjira although Sharkijira and Abbyshark and Kraken can actually eat Luminite Kraken is still better because of its more abilites and overall better stats

  12. Kraken: I'm the most powerful!!!
    Jira smash: You want power? Then take it ALL!!!!☢️☢️☢️

  13. Bang gimana cara supaya nyawanya banyak? 😭😭😭 kasih tau lah please🙏🙏
    Bro how to get a lot of health? 😭😭😭 tell me please🙏🙏

    Because your shark health look like more than usually

  14. Who else remembers when the great White was the strongest shark

  15. How can you get those little sharks lol

  16. In game megalodon is not biggest shark but in reality the megalodon is biggest shark and the most powerful monster in world and has extincted.

  17. Heyy do you want the strongest shark in just 2 hrs of professional playing first you need the reef shark. Goto the right side of the map until you goto the ball boumce it 5 times in a row without touching the water leave the game and do it again (btw i just found out about that and also upgrade your reef for 1 gem per 25 sec. )

  18. Anyone else hate when people use a max big daddy that’s fully grown in pvp maps

  19. Snappy ain't good at all

  20. I play in TV Stick 😅. Just unlocked electro shark

  21. Thecreal stronger is megalodon it is a game megalodon strong to mosasaurus to real ıst game

  22. The darkhammer shark or evolved hammerhead shark is op ngl, I kept getting a lot of gold rushes because of it and killed sharks that were way bigger than my sharks size

  23. I’ve got basically everything, all maxed out level and upgrades what not, but barley any money😅😅 I’m going to go ahead and say as my opinion, I like the Pyro shark because it’s spits flames. But Idk, I’ve got the fire version Godzilla the Kraken… So idk😂

  24. I'm so happy to buy abysshark and kraken on a discount

  25. The first strongest is reef shark!!!

  26. MY TOP 10.
    1 – LUMINITE.
    2 – SHARKJIRA.
    3 – KRAKEN.
    4 – ABYSSHARK.
    5 – LÉO.
    6 – MOBY DICK.
    7 – NESSIE.
    8 – ALAN.
    10 – SR. BOCARRA.

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