TOP 10 STRONGEST SHARKS in HUNGRY SHARK SERIES | Hungry Shark Evolution vs Hungry Shark World -

TOP 10 STRONGEST SHARKS in HUNGRY SHARK SERIES | Hungry Shark Evolution vs Hungry Shark World

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Top 10 strongest sharks in Hungry Shark Series.
The Rules in Top 10 Strongest Hungry Shark Series :
-Only Playable Sharks With Permanent Level
-All Sharks Max Level
-Skill Already Activated
-No Gold Rush
-No Equipment
-Only Babies Their Own Kind
-No Pets
-The Battle Start with Each Sharks at Far Left & Far Right Screen

I found 2 Mecha Sharkjira weakness while making this content.

Hungry Shark Evolution & Hungry Shark World on Android.

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. ببخشید نسخه هک شده را از کجا گرفتی اولی رو

  2. HSW got greater graphics than HSE, but still they both got the same creator

  3. Shark Jira can be evolved after equipments and evovleing it is the opest

  4. the creator is same he create the two hungry sharks

  5. Where is MR sappy in Hung ry shark world

  6. I thougth magmajira is the strongest

  7. Which is better, hungry shark world or evolution ❓❓

  8. I would be the happiest man alive if i had one of these sharks lol

  9. I unlocked every shark in the game.And completed all the missions for the sharks

  10. 5 months later sharkjira finds the hottest fragment of a dormant volcano and eats it, then turns into the strongest most powerful beast the world has ever seen, Behold! Magmajira! Blah blah blah he absolutely demolishes mecha sharkjira the end.

  11. No one:
    Kraken: literally a fidget spinner

  12. I play Hungry shark evo and world with mod Be like:

  13. Magmajira is come here to slash this stupid mecha sharkjira

  14. Big mommy's and bid daddy is like a stone shield skin and a big sharp mouthg goooood😉!!😂😅

  15. Not anymore his not theres a new shark in town thats more powerful than a robot

  16. I Hate When The Shark Name Big Daddy Its Kinda Disgusting 🤢

  17. You know the shark is good when it has its own category


  19. Big Momma And Big Daddy Have The Same Name And Design

  20. Luminite screws with everyone

  21. What about the killer whale it is also very strong and very big

  22. Odio hungry shark world y amo hungri shark evolution

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